The Mans Decree Chapter 1926

Jessica tried to pull herself to her feet when she saw Patrick enter the room, but she had lost all her strength. She glared at Patrick. Anger rushed through her veins. I would never have guessed that you’re this kind of man!

Patrick ignored Jessica’s deadly stare. He slowly lowered himself down to her eye level and gently stroked her cheek. “Don’t look at me. like that. The entire Demon Sect belongs to me now, and you will be the lord’s wife in the near future. You should be happy.”

He threw himself onto Jessica and kissed her forcefully. Jessica resisted, biting down hard on Patrick’s lips. Patrick pulled back in pain and angrily slapped her across her cheek. Blood streamed from the corner of her mouth.

“Just accept it. You belong to me. Why are you still acting like this?” He threw her over his shoulder and brought her to his bed Jessica turned her face away from him and wept silently, too powerless to resist anymore.

At that moment, Simon was leading Jared to Demon Sect’s main hall. As soon as they entered the hall, some men surrounded them. Simon looked at all the men. A look of deep sorrow crossed his face.

“You are all members of Demon Sect. How did all of you become traitors to the sect? Where is Patrick?” Simon roared at the men around him. None of the men said a word. In fact, none of them wanted to fight Simon at all.

“Simon, you should take the opportunity to leave while Mr. Sullivan is not around. We will not stop you,” said a high-ranking member of Demon Sect.

“I won’t run away! If I leave, Demon Sect will be gone. I brought Mr. Chance here to save this sect. We will kill Patrick!” Simon declared. “Hmph! You’re too arrogant, Simon! Do you really think you can kill Mr. Sullivan?”

Several of Patrick’s men approached Simon. These were the ones who had supported Patrick in his plans. Simon was about to retort, but Jared spoke first, “It’s not him who wants to kill Patrick but me.”

“Jared, this is a Demon Sect affair. What does it have to do with you?” asked one of the men. “It doesn’t matter. I just don’t like Patrick’s face. That’s why I want to kill him. Is that okay?”

Jared replied with a sneer. “Y-you…”

Patrick’s men were lost for words. “Go and get Patrick. Otherwise, you will be the ones who will die,” Jared commanded coldly.

“Jared, don’t be too…” said one of the men, but before he could finish his sentence, a terrifying burst of energy erupted from Jared’s body. He threw out a punch right after that.

A horrifying gust of wind swept across the room and barreled into everything in its path. It rolled toward the man and blasted him into the air.

Boom! Blood splattered all around the room, and a heavy, smell of blood hung thickly in the air. Jared had pulled such a stunt because he knew that the best way to deal with those men was to shock and scare them.

Sure enough, Jared’s blast of energy had stunned all the men. Even Patrick’s loyal men look frightened as they began backing off. “Go and get Patrick or you will all end up dead…” Jared repeated in a flat voice.

The men looked at the mangled corpses of their companion and quickly fled. The remaining members of Demon Sect did not even dare to draw breath. They had not expected Jared’s powers to be so terrifying.

At that moment, Patrick was still having a good time shagging Jessica in the room. The door burst open and several of his men rushed in. However, they halted in their tracks, stunned to see the scene in front of them.

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