The Mans Decree Chapter 1924

“Skylar, that is not the full extent of my skill set. I shall let you have a taste of all my capabilities.” Faint golden light emanated from Jared’s hands as he spoke. Hearing that, both Skylar and the spirit within him panicked.

Skylar had no chance of winning when matched up against Jared, Flaxseed, and Verner. In addition, his enemies possessed a sacred martial arts relic. “Shrink your body,” the spirit reminded Skylar.

Skylar had no choice but to grit his teeth and take the spirit’s advice. His body immediately began to contract, and he finally broke free from the Immortal Binding Rope. However, right after he regained his freedom, Jared’s fists came crashing down.

“Sacred Light Fist!”

Skylar didn’t dodge when Jared’s terrifying attack approached. As a result, his powerful punch directly penetrated Skylar’s chest. Skylar spewed out a mouthful of blood and glowered at Jared. “Jared, m-must you be so ruthless and determined to eliminate me?”

“Nonsense. A troublemaker like you shouldn’t be allowed to exist in this world.” The expression in Jared’s eyes was cold and devoid of the slightest hint of pity. The next moment, he launched himself at Skylar again.


This time, Jared unleashed his full power. With a single strike, he nearly shattered Skylar’s entire upper body, leaving the latter drenched in blood. Even his aura was greatly weakened!

Seeing Skylar in that state, Flaxseed and Verner lowered their guard. After all, in Skylar’s current condition, Jared could finish him off with just another punch.

However, Jared found the situation a little peculiar. Although Skylar may not be as strong as him, he shouldn’t be so weak to the extent of being on the brink of death after enduring two punches from me.

Still, Skylar’s near-death appearance didn’t strike Jared as a pretense, which puzzled Jared.

“Jared, mark my words. If I don’t die today, I will tear you into pieces,” Skylar snarled, his face twisted with rage as he continued to provoke Jared.

“Rest assured. I won’t let you leave this place alive today.” With that, Jared booted Skylar. Skylar took advantage of Jared’s kick, allowing his body to crash through the wall and land outside the room.

“This is bad.”

Jared realized what was going on instantly and hastily gave chase. Unfortunately, when Jared went outside, he was merely in time to see Skylar turning into a black ray of light and disappearing without a trace. On the ground, Skylar’s bloodstained black robe remained.

“D*mn it. He got away,” Jared cursed, holding the black robe. At that moment, Flaxseed and Verner also rushed out. Jared promptly said to Flaxseed, “Mr. Flaxseed, please check if Jessica is still here.”

Flaxseed nodded before dashing into Jessica’s room, only to find she wasn’t there. “She’s not here. Perhaps she already returned to Demon Sect,” Flaxseed uttered.

“Let’s go. We’ll head to Demon Sect as well. I want to figure out what exactly is going on. Could it be that Demon Sect and Warriors Alliance are really colluding?”

Jared wanted to determine if the entire Demon Sect had truly fallen under Patrick’s control. Jared led Flaxseed toward Demon Sect while Verner and the Gingerich family’s experts followed.

When the party arrived at the entrance of Demon Sect’s secret realm, they noticed the gate was shimmering, and a person covered in blood stumbled out. That man staggered toward Jared and his group, with several others in pursuit.

When he got closer, Jared realized that man drenched in blood was none other than Simon, who he had fought before. Those pursuers were members of Demon Sect, whom Jared had previously met in the sect’s main hall.

Upon seeing Jared, Simon fell into a daze for a few seconds before he anxiously said, “Jared, your timing is perfect. A rebellion has taken place within Demon Sect, and those people are now Patrick’s followers. Demon Sect and Evil Heart Sect have since merged and become indistinguishable. I reckon the collaboration between you and Demon Sect is likely a sham You’d better escape while you can.”

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