The Mans Decree Chapter 1923

“Jared, we meet again,” Skylar sneered maliciously as he looked at Jared. “Skylar?”

Jared was stunned, never expecting it would be Skylar who showed up. Initially, he thought Patrick would come. He certainly didn’t anticipate Skylar to be there. That observation caused him to be utterly astonished.

“That’s right. It’s me. Surprised, aren’t you? You’ve worked so hard to acquire this ten- thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower, but it’s mine now.”

Skylar flaunted the tuber fleeceflower in front of Jared. Then, he reached out to grab the latter’s shoulder. “Now, not only is this tuber fleeceflower mine, but I’m taking you with me too.”

Skylar thought Jared had lost his power, so he tried to grab him casually.

However, Jared’s eyes gleamed at that moment. He stretched out his hand, grabbed Skylar’s wrist, and then snatched the ten- thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower. Afterward, he punched Skylar’s chest with all his might.

Caught off guard, Skylar was sent flying. smashing into the wall and leaving a huge hole. Looking flabbergasted, Skylar got to his feet and gazed at Jared. “Y-Your powers didn’t vanish?”

“Vanish? Why should it vanish? Are you suggesting that by poisoning me, you could make my power disappear?” Jared said coldly. Skylar’s face darkened. “D*mn it! What a bunch of useless fools.”

Still, no amount of cursing would help at that point. He had no choice but to seize the tuber fleeceflower by force. The loud commotion attracted Flaxseed and Verner, who rushed over.

“Don’t linger around. Let’s go,” the spirit said to Skylar. Skylar and the spirit within him could still put up a fight if they were to face Jared alone, but now that Jared’s reinforcement was there, Skylar could only retreat for the time being.

At that instant, Jared narrowed his eyes after sensing the aura within Skylar’s body. “No wonder I felt a familiar presence just now. So, that hunchbacked old man is now dwelling inside you.”

“Hunchbacked old man?” Skylar appeared bewildered. He didn’t know Jared had previously clashed with Malphas when it resided in the hunchbacked elderly.

“Stop wasting your breath on them. Let’s get out of here,” the spirit urged. Skylar nodded. Then, flames abruptly flared and engulfed his body. The next instant, he gradually dissipated.

Jared was astounded when he saw that. He didn’t know when Skylar acquired such a magecraft. “Hahaha! Jared, let me tell you. You’re not the only one with a special physique. I also possess Inferno Devil’s Form.”

Skylar’s body slowly vanished into thin air as he guffawed. “Hmph! Do you think you can escape by relying on a mere teleportation magecraft?”

Verner snorted. All of a sudden, a glowing rope materialized in his hand. Verner tossed the rope at Skylar without further ado. Soon, following a burst of golden light, Skylar, who was about to vanish, reappeared.

Moreover, the rope was now entwined around him. “Immortal Binding Rope?” Fear flashed across Skylar’s eyes. “I didn’t think you’d recognize Immortal Binding Rope,” Verner uttered smugly.

Immortal Binding Rope was the Gingerich family’s sacred martial arts relic. Verner had deliberately brought it along that time. “Jared, quickly seal off this space around us.”

As Flaxseed spoke, a few yellow talismant papers emerged from his body and flew toward Jared.

At that sight, Jared wrapped his mind around the situation at once. He immediately bit his finger and waved his hand in the air. Subsequently, blood-red runes appeared on the talisman papers.

Those charms shone and locked down the entire room around Jared, preventing Skylar from fleeing using teleportation magecraft. Skylar looked at those flickering charms in shock. “Jared, h-how are you proficient in charm spells as well?”

Jared had already mastered too many skills. Realizing Jared had also learned charm spells, not to mention being adept at them, prompted terror to surge within Skylar.

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