The Mans Decree Chapter 1920

Jessica’s eyes were soulless. She could not fathom where the polite and gentle Patrick had gone to. Right in the middle of his assault, someone opened the door to the room.

Patrick was startled, and he turned to chide the one who had just barged in. However, he fell silent when he took in the appearance of the newcomer and quickly put on his clothes. “Mr. Malphas…” Patrick respectfully greeted.

Sure enough, the one who came was Skylar, who was wearing black. He briefly studied Jessica, who then hastily covered her body with the blanket.

Skylar sneered, and when he spoke, he had a raspy voice. “Patrick, I’m surprised that you still have the mood to have fun with a woman. How wonderful…”

The moment Jessica heard the voice, she instantly realized that there was a spirit within) the man by the doorway. Only the members of the Evil Heart Sect could have possessions like that, for the act was forbidden in the Demon Sect.

Jessica stared at Skylar intently. The sudden appearance of an unfamiliar face at Demon Sect was making the alarm bells ring in Jessica’s head. “Mr. Malphas, I–”

Patrick wanted to offer him an explanation, but he did not know where to start. “That’s enough. I don’t want your explanations. How goes the task I’ve assigned to you?” Skylar asked.

“Jared has taken the Cultivation Reversal Potion. I’m guessing that he has now turned into an ordinary man,” Patrick answered.

“Good. Now that we’ve dealt with Jared, it’s time for us to deal with those people on Encanta Island. After today, you will become the real vice president,” Skylar said as he patted Patrick’s shoulder.

“Thank you, Mr. Malphas. I’ll work on it right away.” With a nod, Patrick turned to glimpse Jessica before leaving the room. Soon, only Jessica and Skylar were left in the area.

Skylar narrowed his eyes. As he stared at Jessica’s fair shoulders and skin, lust entered his eyes. “Do what you must do. There’s no need for your to worry about the lack of women in the future,” said the spirit within Skylar.

At that, Skylar hastily left the room. Jessica did not know who Skylar was, but she knew that Jared was going to be in danger. As a matter of fact, the entire Demon Sect was going to be in danger.

After hurriedly putting on her clothes, Jessica rushed toward the door, only to find that it was locked. There was even an arcane array set up to stop Jessica from escaping.

Meanwhile, many higher-ups of Demon Sect had been gathered in Demon Sect’s hall. “Why did Mr. Sullivan summon us?”

“I don’t know! I was already in bed.”

“I fought earlier in the day, and my muscles are sore. I was about to sleep too!” “It’s been such a long while since our sect has gone into a major conflict with someone.”

The higher-ups were all discussing away, but Simon, unlike the rest, was frowning in silence.

“Simon, you weren’t around today, so you won’t know how Mr. Sullivan brought us to a fight where we crushed our opponents,” one explained to Simon.

The latter nodded, but he still had a worried look on his face. It seemed like Simon had learned about something. Soon, Patrick arrived, and the rest quickly clamped their mouths shut and took their seats.

“Everyone, I have gathered you all here for an announcement. You must know about the restoration of spiritual energy and about the renewed strifes. The self-proclaimed righteous sects will certainly try to wipe us demon spirits out. Therefore, we will be joining forces with the Evil Heart Sect before the restoration of spiritual energy.

We originated from the same beings, so why should we be enemies? As long as we work together, those sects and prestigious families won’t stand a chance. against us. They’ll submit to us!” Patrick’s words made the crowd go wild.

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