The Mans Decree Chapter 1918

Jared didn’t bother arguing any further when he heard that. “It would be rude to turn Ms. Zimmerman away before finishing the drink she brought us. Cheers, Mr. Flaxseed.”

Flaxseed raised his cup in response. The two of them were about to down their coffee when Jessica called out to them anxiously, “W-Wait!”

She was still feeling conflicted about this as she had no idea what would happen to Jared and Flaxseed afterward. It was possible that Patrick would have them both killed later. “What’s wrong, Ms. Zimmerman?” Jared asked in confusion.

“I-I was just worried that the coffee might be a little too hot for you guys. W-Wouldn’t want you two burning your tongues now, would we?” Jessica stammered nervously. Jared let out a faint chuckle. “It’s fine.”

He then chugged his coffee down in one go, prompting Flaxseed to do the same. Jessica had an inexplicable feeling in her heart when she saw them finish their coffee.

“You two carry on with your conversation. I’ll go get some rest…” Flaxseed said as he got up and left the room. He hadn’t even been staring at Jessica at all the entire time, much to her confusion.

“Did something happen to Mr. Flaxseed? I feel like he has become a completely different person,” she asked curiously. Of course, Jared knew exactly what she was talking about. “Yes, he has changed quite a bit…”

Jared then told Jessica what happened to Flaxseed, shocking her to the core.

“What? I didn’t know Mr. Flaxseed was such a spoony person! I always thought he was just an old pervert. I can’t believe he went through something like that. That poor guy…”

Jessica found herself sympathizing with Flaxseed all of a sudden.

The woman he loved left him for another man on the night before their wedding, and she is now dead. Even so, Mr. Flaxseed still hasn’t forgotten about her. That right there proves that he’s a sentimental and loyal man.

“Everyone has their secrets that they keep from outsiders, Jared said with a faint smile. What Flaxseed experienced was nothing in comparison to what he went through a year ago.

Not only did he go to prison for his girlfriend, but she also left him for another man. However, Jared kept that part of his a secret from everyone else.

“Remember to lock your room door and window before going to bed, Mr. Chance. I’ll get some rest now,” Jessica reminded him as she cleaned up the table and left the room. Jared let out a sigh as he watched her leave. “You’re a good girl. Let’s just hope you appreciate the chance I have given you.”

Those words had barely left Jared’s mouth when Flaxseed returned to the room. “How did you know that Jessica was going to poison us, Jared?” he asked in confusion.

“I noticed a strange scent on her ever since she returned from Demon Sect. That scent was not there before, so I had my suspicions. On top of that, Patrick and his men showed up in the nick. of time while we were fighting for the ten- thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower today. There’s no way it’s a coincidence. He must’ve been watching us the entire time. I also caught a whiff of that strange scent in the coffee that Jessica had brought us earlier. Her facial expression was also extremely unnatural. Did you not notice that?” Jared replied with a faint smile.

Flaxseed shook his head. “No, I didn’t. The coffee smelled just fine to me.”

“Of course, you wouldn’t be able to pick up on that scent. You’d have been an alchemist if you could. It’s funny how they did so much planning but are unaware of the fact that my body is immune to such poisons. Whatever they gave me is only going to be converted into resources for my cultivation,” Jared said.

His Focus Technique was able to refine anything, including poisons that entered his body and turn them into cultivation resources.

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