The Mans Decree Chapter 1796

Meanwhile, the others kept their minds under control and were not affected by the sound wave. Anne, however, was too weak. The sound wave took control over her, and her eyes slowly lost focus.

Seeing that, Jared grabbed her hand and transferred a wave of spiritual energy into her body, which woke her up instantly.

When Anne saw him holding her hand, she smiled and cast him a teasing gaze. Noting that, Jared wanted to let go of her, but she tightened her grip on him and refused to let him go.

Jared was utterly at a loss for words. Never did he expect Anne to misunderstand his intent.

He explained softly, “Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m just saving you- “I’m not. Isn’t it great that we’re holding hands like this? Why bother letting go? Is my hand not fair enough? Is my skin not soft enough?”

Anne’s voice was filled with mischief. Flaxseed, on the other hand, was extremely envious when he saw the scene before him. “Young lady, Jared is a dense man. Why don’t I hold your hand instead?”

Anne rolled her eyes and ignored him. Nonetheless, Flaxseed did not mind it at all. After all, a man had to be thick-skinned if he wanted to pick up girls.

Just as Jared and the others were speaking softly and not paying any attention to the other party, Joel spoke. “Danny, is there anyone on our left?”

“Yes, Mr. Joel. There are six people-four men and two women. They’re probably tourists,” said the blond-haired man. “Tourists? Have tourists ever come here before?”

Joel sounded a little angry.

Danny hurriedly explained, “They’re not here on a trip, Mr. Joel. The most powerful person in this group is only a Greater Martial Arts Grandmaster, while the others are Martial Arts Grandmasters. Could they be here to explore the ancient ruins with such capabilities?”

“So, there’s a Greater Martial Arts Grandmaster as well. Looks like I’ve miscalculated the situation.”

With that, Joel shook the bell again. This time, however, the rings carried spiritual energy into the ears of Jared and the others. After that, the energy began to attack the spiritual sense in their minds.

The attack this time was clearly more powerful than the first. Just as Jared was trying to drive the energy away, he froze.

If we drive the energy away now and prevent ourselves from getting controlled, then the other party will suspect our true capabilities.

Thus, Jared shot them a look. Understanding what he was implying, the others hurriedly pretended to fall into a daze as if they were controlled by the energy.

However, Anne’s mind was truly controlled by the spiritual energy, and her eyes dimmed. Joel curled his lips into a smug smile and said, “Come here, all of you…”

At that, Jared and the others rose to their feet and approached Joel obediently..

“What are you guys doing here?” asked Joel. “Traveling, as well as trying our luck to see if we can find the legendary ancient ruins,” Jared answered.

Joel scoffed, “Looks like you’re really tourists. I can’t believe you all wanted to try your luck. How could you take this so lightly? Have you people lost your minds? Do you really think you’d have struck gold if you found the ancient ruins? You have no idea how dangerous the place is. With your current strength, you’d surely die if you set foot in it.”

With that, Joel shook his bell to wake them up. “W-What’s going on? Who are you people?” asked Jared and the others, feigning anxiousness.

“Don’t be afraid. We’re from Flaming Sect. This is our leader. It’s extremely dangerous here.. With your current capabilities, we’d advise you to return lest you die in vain,” informed Danny.

Suddenly, Anne shrieked excitedly, “Flaming Sect? You guys are the ones who are extremely powerful in divination, right? You’re the ones who can predict the future and fates!”

Nodding, Danny admitted, “Indeed. I’m surprised you know about us.”

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