The Mans Decree Chapter 1789

Anne nodded. “We’ve been pursued a few times on our way here. I assume my elder brother, Harold, sent these people to chase us down because he doesn’t want me to survive.”

“Unexpectedly, the power struggles overseas are also so brutal,” Gilbert piped up. “In that case, we should head back.”

Jared was about to bring Anne back, but right after he turned around and took two steps forward, four men in black showed up. Their faces were concealed behind masks, and they all wielded a scimitar. Their eyes glinted with murderous intent.

At the sight of the four men in black who appeared out of nowhere, Andrew guarded Anne closely, getting ready to confront the formidable enemies.

Jared sized up the quartet. All of them were considered experts as they were Martial Arts Marquises. If they gang up on Andrew, he will undoubtedly lose.

“Andrew, surrender Princess Anne, and we shall spare your life. Otherwise, we’ll skin you and turn your bear skin into clothes,” one of the men in black jeered at Andrew.

“No way. I’m Princess Anne’s guard. I will rather die before allowing you to cause any harm to Princess Anne!” Andrew uttered coldly.

“Fine. Since you’re so stubborn, we’ll kill you before we murder Princess Anne.”

With that, the four men in black emitted waves of icy auras targeted at Andrew. They acted as if Jared and Gilbert weren’t there.

The four men in black completely disregarded Jared and Gilbert, who looked relatively thinner. and weaker.

Roar! Seeing that, Andrew immediately transformed into his strongest form. The next second, his body was covered in fur, and he bared his razor-sharp fangs.

He turned into a giant brown bear, roaring loudly while carefully protecting Anne. “Hmph. So what if you transformed?” One of the men in black snorted.

Then, they launched themselves toward Andrew. Andrew bellowed and bolted forward, engaging. the four men in black in an intense battle.

The fight involving five Martial Arts Marquises caused successive explosions to reverberate in the air. The snow on the ground flew into the air as they grappled and slowly fell back to earth.

Even after Andrew transformed into his most powerful form, he wasn’t capable of defeating the four men in black at once.

Andrew’s huge figure was sent flying into the air after a man in black struck him forcefully. Subsequently, Andrew fell heavily to the ground, creating a deep crater in it.

Panic and anxiety overwhelmed Anne as she witnessed the turn of events. Roar! Andrew bellowed again. He got up and swung his massive bear claw at the four men in black.

Two men in black stopped him while the other two strode toward Anne. Anne staggered backward continuously when she saw them approaching, but they swiftly arrived before her.

“Princess Anne, will you end your own life, or shall we do it for you?” one of the men in black asked. “Who are you? Did Harold send you here? Anne questioned the man in black.

“You don’t have to know that. We’ll tell you everything when you’re dead,” he sneered.

Biting her lip, she knew she couldn’t escape this predicament as the four formidable men in black cornered her. “Mr. Chance, these guys seem to be ignoring us,” Gilbert said to Jared. “Indeed. We’re being ignored.”

Jared chuckled. Jared was a prominent figure known by everyone in Chanaea, so he would never be disregarded. Unexpectedly, those four men in black were paying him no attention at that moment.

“Since these guys aren’t using their eyes well, should I remove them?” Gilbert asked. “That’s a good idea.” Jared nodded. Jared had permitted Gilbert to attack.

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