The Mans Decree Chapter 1785

“How are you going to punish me?” Jared inquired calmly. He showed no fear despite being the target of Ivano’s gun. “By crippling your leg, of course.” After making that declaration, Ivano pulled the trigger without hesitation.

It was obvious he was a ruthless person. Bam!

A shot was fired, but Jared stood rooted to his spot as though the bullet didn’t hit his leg. Ivano stiffened. “What the f*ck? Did I miss my target despite being this close to him?”

Suspicious of his aim, he fired another shot, aiming at Jared’s leg.

Bam! Another shot was fired. However, Jared remained unscathed. The bikers turned to look at Ivano in disbelief. Did he miss two shots in a row at close proximity?

“F*ck it! I don’t believe this.”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Ivano fired a few shots continuously until he exhausted the bullets in his gun and was forced to stop. Jared stood there with a smirk on his face, unharmed. He showed no signs of being affected.

Everyone, including Ivano and The Chanaean Brotherhood’s members, stared at Jared, utterly dumbfounded. They were unable to comprehend how Jared was still unhurt..

Dale’s body was trembling profusely. If they weren’t in public, he would’ve dropped to his knees before Jared.

“W-What the f*ck is wrong with this gun?” Ivano tossed his gun to the ground, blaming it for not being able to harm Jared.

Jared explained calmly, “It wasn’t the gun’s fault. It was me.” He spread his palms, revealing several bullets that fell to the ground noisily.

Ivano staggered backward as he gazed at Jared in disbelief.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would witness someone catching bullets with their bare hands. The concept seemed far too ridiculous to be real.

“I don’t believe that you can catch dozens of bullets in one go!” Ivano hissed. He ordered his men to point their guns at Jared, ready to shoot him dead.

The moment these men raised their guns, they saw a shadow appearing before them in a flash. The next moment, the firearms suddenly disappeared from their grip.

Jared didn’t even move from his spot. They swiveled their heads around to see Gilbert holding over ten guns in his hands. “Why are you so arrogant when all you own is a bunch of scrap metal?” Gilbert mocked.

As he spoke, he crumpled the guns into a huge. metal ball! Seeing that, Ivano started trembling in fear. The color drained out of the bikers’ faces, too.

They couldn’t understand what kind of capable beings they had offended. “I’m in a good mood today and don’t feel like killing anyone. You may scram now,” Jared announced.

Hearing that, Ivano and his bikers spun on their heels and fled the scene hastily. Right after the bikers made their escape, Dale fell to his knees with a thud..

“Sir, please accept my gratitude. I apologize for offending you earlier. Please forgive me.” Dale was trembling profusely as cold sweat dripped down his face.

“Mr. Thompson, what are you doing? You didn’t offend me earlier,” Jared replied as he raised his palm gently, sending a wave of energy to help Dale up. “Sir, I-”

Before Dale could finish his words, Jared waved him off. “Mr. Thompson, you’re older than me, so please don’t call me that. That sounds really awkward!”

Hearing that, Dale quickly corrected his form of address. “Mr. Chance, are you the one who formed Deragon Sect in Jadeborough’s martial arts world?”

Jared chuckled and nodded. He had revealed his ability, so there was no need to keep his identity a secret anymore. Dale’s excitement grew when he saw Jared admitting to it.

“Oh, you’re my idol, Mr. Chance! I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to meet you. I believe you’ll find the ancient ruins…”

Dale changed his mind to stop persuading Jared to leave.

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