The Mans Decree Chapter 1784

“Dale, I know you’re skilled in martial arts. Nevertheless, your skills are useless,” Ivano exclaimed as he pulled out a gun. The other bikers also brandished their guns.

Dozens of guns were aimed at Dale and The Chanaean Brotherhood’s members, causing them to grow flustered.

Dale’s expression turned grim. If there was only one gun, he could avoid it easily. However, there was more than one gun pointing at them. There was no way he could avoid them all.

Ivano snickered icily as Dale and the others blanched in horror. “Let’s not make this difficult,” he said. “You know you are no match for us. Hand over the person responsible and compensate us. That way, I will spare your lives.”

With that, Ivano aimed his gun at Dale’s head.

Dale’s expression changed abruptly. He had promised Jared that the latter could turn to him for help, but if he were to surrender Jared now, it would demonstrate The Chanaean Brotherhood’s lack of loyalty. They were all Chanaeans, so their reputation would be tarnished.

“Ivano, I won’t hand him to you. If you dare, fire at us. I promise you’ll breathe your last breath the moment you fire your gun!” Dale declared viciously with his jaw clenched.

Ivano snickered coldly. “Since you have a death wish, let’s finish this off today.”

With that, he prepared to pull the trigger.

However, Dale was swift enough to kick Ivano’s gun the moment the latter pulled the trigger. The weapon fell to the ground with a clatter.

Seeing that, Ivano hollered, “Fire!”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

In an instant, dozens of shots were fired. The Chanaean Brotherhood’s members slumped their shoulders in despair. Even Dale did the same, for he knew they were doomed.

He didn’t bother hiding or resisting, for there were too many guns. No matter what, the results would be the same.

The members of The Chanaean Brotherhood were waiting for their impending doom when a golden glow emerged behind them.

The golden glow enveloped the entire courtyard. The members then saw the bullets freezing right before their eyes as though they had been stopped by an invisible barrier.

Clank! Clank! The bullets then dropped to the floor mere inches away from them! Everyone held their breaths as the entire courtyard plunged into dead silence.

That was the closest brush with death they had, as the bullets narrowly missed them and fell to the ground before their very eyes. Nevertheless, no one knew what had happened exactly.

Ivano and his group of bikers gaped incredulously at the shocking sight, their eyes almost popping out of their sockets. They were completely clueless as to the origin of the sudden appearance of the golden glow and why the bullets came to an abrupt halt before falling to the ground.

Dale’s jaw dropped wide open as shock etched across his face. He was the only one who sensed a horrifying aura that came from behind him!

That aura was precisely the thing that saved them all. The bullets had hit an invisible shield, forcing them to come to a stop before dropping to the floor.

Dale turned over his shoulder to stare at Jared in fear. The golden glow enveloping Jared had. just faded away. Jared shot Dale a smile before stepping forward. “It looks like you’re here for me, so let’s do this.”

Ivano recovered from his initial shock when Jared stepped forward. However, he had no idea it was all Jared’s doing and assumed a deity was protecting Dale and the rest.

“Young man, since you stepped out, you must be punished for your deeds,” he declared. Ivano then grabbed a gun from one biker and aimed it at Jared. This time, he was smart enough to keep a distance from Jared.

He was aware that many Chanaeans were proficient in martial arts, so he figured that by maintaining a safe distance from Jared, he could make Jared heed his words.

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