The Mans Decree Chapter 1781

The short man paled drastically when he saw the larger men walking over. Immediately, he asked Jared and the others to leave. “Mister, please get off the car. We can’t drive you there anymore. We won’t.”

Bewildered, Jared asked, “What’s the matter? Why won’t you drive us there now?”

Before the short man could say anything, the burly men reached them. One of them, who was bearded, grabbed the short man by his collar and lifted him into the air.

“Hey, how dare you try to get customers on my territory? Do you have a death wish?” Right as the bearded man said that, he punched the short man in the face.

Blood spurted out of the short man’s nose and leaked out from the corners of his lips, but his companions did not dare to say anything or move a muscle.

“Get down!” the bearded man roared at Jared and the rest. Flaxseed was about to get down from the car when Jared stopped him and turned to Colin. “Colin, deal with it.”

“Got it.” With a nod, Colin alighted from the car Yet, as soon as Colin came down from the car, a gorgeous figure streaked past him. In the next second, a cry of agony echoed in the air. The bearded man had been kicked into the air.

“You guys are such bullies! How outrageous!” Astrid bellowed at the burly men, her expression glacial.

Since Astrid had made a move, Colin sighed and turned to look at Jared. The latter gestured for him to return to the car.

The bearded man was terrified when he was sent flying by Astrid’s kick, but when he realized his attacker was a woman, a look of shock crossed his face before an angry expression replaced it

“After her! Seize the girl!” he roared. The other burly men instantly charged toward Astrid. “Don’t kill them,” Jared reminded, afraid that she would lose control of herself and kill the men.

After all, they had just arrived and were unfamiliar with the place and the people. Furthermore, what those men had done did not warrant death.

Astrid nodded in acknowledgment. When the men launched themselves at her, she gave them all a slap each, taking them down as some of their teeth fell out of their mouths. Once she was done dealing with them, she

turned to the short man and said, “Everything’s fine now, so let’s go.”

The short man nodded fervently with eyes wide in shock and quickly started the car, driving them away from the airport.

On the way to the hotel, the short man kept glancing at Jared through the rearview mirror. Noticing his repeated stares, Jared asked, “Is there something wrong, mister?”

The short man hastily answered, “Thank you so much, sir! Thank you!” Jared smiled. “It’s nothing much.”

“Sir, are you guys… martial artists?” the short man then asked. Jared nodded truthfully and replied, “That’s right. I’m surprised that you know about martial artists.”

“Of course I do. There are plenty of martial artists here.”

The short man was visibly excited at the mention of martial artists. It seemed like he was envious of them. Alas, not everyone could become a martial artist, let alone a spiritual energy cultivator.

During the journey, the short man chatted with Jared about martial artists. When they reached the hotel, the short man did not ask Jared and the others to pay for the cab fare.

Instead of resting after checking in at the hotel, the ladies wanted to take a walk around the place. Fearing that they would cause trouble, Jared asked Colin to follow them.

Similarly, Jared wanted to take a stroll around the area to familiarize himself with the island, but Flaxseed did not seem keen on the idea. Instead, he booked a single room in the hotel and started contacting ladies.

Hence, Jared had no choice but to bring Gilbert with him.

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