The Mans Decree Chapter 1773

Meanwhile, in Jadeborough, just a few days. after Warriors Alliance was destroyed, a new and even more glorious building was built.

This time, there were seven Black Silver Robes overseeing Warriors Alliance. Each of them was an advanced-phase Greater Martial Arts Marquis, and two of them wielded sacred martial arts relics. With this strength, they were not only terrific in Jadeborough’s martial arts world but the whole Chanaea as well.

Those seven people were the best among the best of Black Silver Robes. They could even achieve Black Gold Robe in no time. Now that they were selected to keep watch of the Warriors Alliance, it would be like a test for them to be promoted to the next rank.

Right then, the old hunchbacked man appeared at the main seat of Warriors Alliance out of the blue. “Mr. Malphas!” greeted the seven Black Silver Robes upon seeing him.

“All of you can become Black Gold Robes if you manage to capture Jared. Now that his sacred martial arts relic has been destroyed, there’s at possibility that he has lost control over his zombie puppet as well.

With all your strengths combined, there’s no way you’ll fail to capture him. However, make sure not to be too careless, and most importantly, don’t destroy his body because it’s still useful,” uttered the old hunchbacked man.

“Understood.” The Black Silver Robes nodded. With that, the elderly man disappeared from the main seat and reappeared in the secret realm.

Advancing toward a secret room, the old hunchbacked man opened a porthole, revealing the darkness inside. After he chanted something, the secret room brightened up.

There was a pool of dark liquid inside, which was a ghastly sight. Even so, Skylar was soaking in the pool with no clothes at all. “This guy’s body is quite good. I think the time. has come.”

Looking at his body in disgust, the old hunchbacked man opened the door and entered the room. With a wave of his hand, a black mist emerged. from Skylar’s body before it morphed into a human form.

It was the spirit in Skylar’s body which had been coexisting with Skylar all this time. As soon as the spirit spotted the old hunchbacked man, it hastily bowed toward him.

“Mr. Malphas.” “To be able to soak in the black magic pool for that long… This kid indeed has a strong physique, which you ruined,” the elderly man uttered icily. The spirit trembled when it heard that. “I just randomly went inside him, Mr. Malphas. I didn’t deliberately choose him,” it explained.

“It doesn’t matter. I want this body right now.” As the old hunchbacked man finished his sentence, he opened his mouth. The spirit shuddered before it was instantly swallowed by the elderly man.

Immediately after that, a black mist oozed out of the old hunchbacked man’s body and entered Skylar’s body. In an instant, the old hunchbacked man’s physical body lost consciousness and fell into the dark pool.

His body then decayed into a skeleton before disappearing without a trace. On the other hand, Skylar opened his eyes as at malicious glint flashed through them..

“Haha! This body is indeed great!” Malphas exclaimed as he stared at the well-built body. “Who are you?” Skylar questioned as he noticed the spiritual energy of the spirit inside him was now different.

Not only that, but he also felt his strength and martial energy were on a higher level now.

“You should be glad I took a fancy to your body, kid. I am Malphas-the one in charge of all the Black Robes,” Malphas informed haughtily. Upon hearing that, Skylar froze as disbelief appeared on his face.

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