The Mans Decree Chapter 1771

Flaxseed was speechless as he stared at Jared. If Jared really becomes the disciple of this elderly man, won’t he become my master, too?

“Very well. Since you are willing to do so, please step inside the sect. As for the others, you’re not allowed to enter.” As soon as the elderly finished his sentence, his figure disappeared into thin air.

Jared stared into the darkness beneath the doors of the sect before turning to Flaxseed. “Mr. Flaxseed, you guys should wait here. I’ll go inside and take a look.”

“Jared, be careful!” Flaxseed reminded. Jared nodded before marching into the sect. The moment he stepped inside, the space behind him fluctuated, and he soon vanished from sight.

Subsequently, the darkness in front of him was replaced with a sky-high palace and a peaceful but bustling scene.

Everyone was dressed like a charm master, and charms were floating freely in the air. However, Jared was seemingly invisible to those people.

“Is this Skywrath Sect when it was prosperous?” Jared could not help but mutter to himself. Just as Jared was lost in his thoughts, the elderly from before suddenly appeared in front of him and said, “Follow me.”

Jared nodded and followed the elderly into the palace that pierced the clouds. They stopped in front of a statue. The elderly muttered an incantation under his breath, and the statue flashed three times.

At that moment, the elderly turned to Jared and said, “To become part of Skywrath Sect, you should not have any inner turmoil or distracting thoughts. You also must be kindhearted and have a strong mentality. I will now enter your body. You must relax and release all your spiritual senses.”

Jared did not waste any more time. He promptly closed his eyes and released his spiritual sense while waiting for the elderly to examine him.

Soon, the elderly turned into a flash of light and entered Jared’s body.

The elderly’s spiritual soul wandered everywhere in Jared’s body, but when he reached Jared’s mind, a sudden flash of golden light illuminated the darkness before a gold dragon appeared in front of him. The dragon opened its mouth wide at the elderly.

Its eyes shone brightly like lanterns, and its gaze was filled with pride as it regarded the elderly condescendingly from above.

The elderly’s expression changed as his spiritual soul backed away and quickly left Jared’s body. Jared opened his eyes to see the elderly sweating bullets with fear in his eyes.

“Sir, are you done examining me?” Jared asked. The elderly remained silent. It took him a while to return to his senses.

“You are the Golden Dragon’s True Form and the son of a dragon. I have overstepped my boundaries. Please forgive me…” the elderly said as he fell to the ground and begged for forgiveness from Jared.

Surprised, Jared hurriedly helped the elderly to his feet. “Sir, many people have said the same thing about me. Can you tell me who my father is? Is he a dragon?” Jared asked since the elderly had also called him the son of a dragon.

The elderly was curious upon hearing Jared’s question. “You don’t know who your father is?” Jared shook his head. “I’ve never met my parents ever since I was born…”

The elderly went silent for a moment before he said, “Perhaps this is fate. The recovery of spiritual energy is happening, and catastrophe will happen once more. You might be the one who initiates this catastrophe! Skywrath Sect is incredibly honored to pass on the charm spells to someone like you.”

Jared got even more confused upon hearing what the elderly said. He had wanted to press on for questions, but the elderly grinned, and his body soon began glowing.

Following that, his body slowly dissipated and turned into runes before flying speedily into Jared’s body. Jared felt an intense pain assailing his head before flashes of charm spells appeared in his mind.

He quickly sat cross-legged on the floor and tried to absorb all the charm spells. At that moment, his aura increased at a rapid speed.

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