The Mans Decree Chapter 1770

As the group of people made their way toward the ancient ruins of Skywrath Sect, Jared kept thinking of what Jessica had said.

If possible, he decided to enter the dungeon of Warriors Alliance once again to confirm whether Josephine was just a projection as per what Jessica made her out to be.

Once they reached the ancient ruins of Skywrath Sect, they hurried to their intended location since they knew their way around.

It did not take them long to find the location of the entrance. Neither Jared nor Flaxseed dared to act recklessly as they stared at the giant doors.

Jared turned to look at Gilbert, but the latter waved his hand sheepishly. “Mr. Chance, I’m not powerful enough to open these doors.”

In the end, Jared could only summon the blood demon to open the doors.

Boom! The blood demon had no mind of its own. Without hesitation, it walked forward and landed a ferocious punch on the doors to Skywrath Sect.

The punch was so powerful that it caused the entire space surrounding the ancient ruins to vibrate and contort. Jared was stunned. He did not understand why the space would vibrate when the blood demon only punched the door.

“Scoundrel! How dare you barge into Skywrath Sect? Do you have a death wish?” A faint voice rang out from within the ancient ruins of Skywrath Sect.

Along with the voice came streams of murderous intent. The aura was outrageously terrifying

The faces of Jared and his companions turned pale when they felt the murderous intent. In response, they quickly hid behind the blood demon for protection.

Gilbert did the same as well, and they used the blood demon’s body as a shield. Ding Ding! Ding Ding!

The gusts of murderous intent struck.the blood demon’s body but did not leave a single scathe on it. Right after that, the blood demon sent another punch, bringing the doors down.

Following the collapse of the doors to Skywrath Sect, a figure emerged out of nowhere and floated in the middle of the air. It was an elderly man with youthful looks who was dressed in white. Upon seeing that, Flaxseed hurriedly knelt on the ground to show respect. “I’m Flaxseed, your disciple. I have come to pay my respects.”

However, the elderly man ignored Flaxseed and directed his gaze at the blood demon. “I can’t believe this demon’s body did not decompose after thousands of years and was instead transformed into a zombie puppet by you youngsters.”

Jared hastily said in a loud voice, “Sir, we did not mean to offend you. It’s just that the charm spells of Skywrath Sect are undefeatable. It would be a shame if it were to be lost just like that. Hence, we came here hoping to publicize the wonders of Skywrath Sect’s charm spells so that everyone in the heavenly realm would get to master it.”

Jared flattered the old man and made the latter extremely proud of himself.

“You sure know how to sweet-talk. However, we usually don’t impart the charm spells of Skywrath Sect to outsiders. You are not a disciple of our clan. How can you spread the practice of our charm spells?” the elderly asked Jared.

For a moment, Jared didn’t know how to respond to that. He then pointed toward Flaxseed and replied, “Mr. Flaxseed is from your clan. You can teach him the charm spells.”

Flaxseed got excited upon hearing that. He was so grateful toward Jared that he wanted to kneel and kiss the latter’s feet.

I can’t believe Jared proposed to let me inherit the charm spells! Flaxseed was practically trembling all over with joy.

“Hmph. You are a charm master, yet you’re constantly thinking of women. How can you impart the practice of our charm spells?” The elderly snorted.

Upon hearing that, Jared couldn’t help chuckling, whereas Flaxseed’s face fell in dejection. The elderly then looked at Jared and said, “Would you like to become my disciple right now and be a member of Skywrath Sect?”

Stunned, Jared found himself caught between a rock and a hard place. This elderly is obviously already dead, and his spiritual soul is the only thing left of him. How do I become the disciple of a spiritual soul?

The elderly got upset when he saw Jared’s hesitance. “Please leave if you’re not willing to become my disciple. I will not blame you for destroying the doors of our sect either.” “Sir, I would love to become your disciple,” said Jared, left without a choice.

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