The Mans Decree Chapter 1766

Even a Martial Arts Grandmaster would not be able to unleash the true power of a sacred martial arts relic. The old hunchbacked man shuddered and slowed down significantly when he felt the intense power.

In the end, he steeled himself and clenched his teeth, reaching out to grab Jared again. With a swing of his scepter, Jared launched a wave of energy at the old hunchbacked man in retaliation.

Boom! The old hunchbacked man was sent flying after coming into contact with the energy wave.

Overjoyed that his opponent was unable to withstand his attack, Jared infused the scepter with the Power of Dragons once again. The scepter emanated a faint glow as it continued to exude the power of a Martial Arts Saint.

The old hunchbacked man had a gloomy look. on his face as he slowly got up and glared at Jared. This time, however, he just stood there without doing anything.

Thinking that the elderly man was scared, Jared taunted him with a sneer, “What’s wrong, old man? I thought you were going to fight me!”

The old hunchbacked man’s face was grim as Jared taunted and humiliated him. Despite his fury, he refused to attack.

Little did Jared know, the scepter in his hand was starting to crack after being infused by the Power of Dragons. Apparently, the scepter was already reaching its limit when Jake used it in the battle against the blood demon.

As such, now that Jared was wielding it again, it could break at any given moment.

Roar! Jared was about to continue taunting the old hunchbacked man when a loud roar echoed through the area. Both of them paused and shifted their gazes in the direction of the sound, only to see that the three-headed wolfdog only had two heads remaining.

The blood demon was viciously swinging its powerful fists at the wolfdog’s head. The powerful blows caused the space around them to vibrate, and the wolfdog’s head was knocked clean off its neck.

Just like that, the wolfdog’s two extra heads were both destroyed in an instant.

Although the old hunchbacked man was upset, he didn’t have the time to grieve the loss of his pet. He then began chanting an incantation that contorted the space around him.

Jared knew the older man was trying to make an escape by using teleportation magecraft since things were not going well for him.

“You’re not getting away that easily!” Jared yelled as he waved his scepter and swung it at the old hunchbacked man. However, the scepter broke into pieces the moment Jared channeled its power.

Seizing that opportunity, the old hunchbacked man’s figure slowly faded away. “I’ll come for your life when you lose control over that zombie puppet, Jared!” His voice echoed beside Jared’s ears.

“Hmph! I’m the one who’s going to take your life!” Jared retorted defiantly, but the old hunchbacked man was already gone.

Jared then shifted his gaze toward the wolfdog, that had been beaten to a pulp by the blood demon. Oh, no! The blood demon will destroy the beast core at this rate!

With that in mind, he ran toward the blood. demon while yelling, ‘Stop it! That’s enough!”

The blood demon paused and stepped aside while Jared searched the wolfdog’s carcass. Upon discovering its beast core, Jared was surprised when he felt the icy aura coming from it.

Whoa… I can’t believe this wolfdog was actually raised in the underworld… It’s a good thing I can purify its negative energy with my Focus Technique. Otherwise, this beast core would be of no purpose to me!

After storing the beast core, Jared sent someone to inform those at the martial arts arena that he would not be able to execute Jake in front of them, for Jake was already dead.

After all, Jake’s corpse no longer had a head, so Jared wouldn’t be able to behead him in front of everyone anyway.

Everyone began whispering among themselves after receiving the news. While the incident did somewhat affect the way everyone perceived Jared, he couldn’t care less about that. Rescuing Josephine was his only priority at the moment.

Jared brought the blood demon and Gilbert along to meet up with Flaxseed in Encanta Island before heading over to Skywrath Sect. In order to rescue Josephine, Jared had no choice but to go all out.

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