The Mans Decree Chapter 1765

After consuming the old man’s blood, the wolfdog shifted its gaze toward the blood. demon, seemingly making the blood demon its target. There was a strong scent of blood infused in its aura.

“This hound was raised in the underworld. It has been absorbing negative energy and consuming souls all year long. Now that it has fed on my blood, it is practically unstoppable!” the old hunchbacked man exclaimed, his eyes sparkling Obviously, the wolfdog’s appearance had boosted his confidence significantly.

“Heh, do you take me for a fool or something? If you truly are powerful enough to open a gate between the mundane world and the underworld, then why can’t you defeat a mere blood demon? That was just an illusion spell! | bet that wolfdog is just a pet you keep in the secret realm! I’ll slay your hound, eat its meat, and use its beast core for my cultivation!” Jared retorted defiantly.

The look on the old hunchbacked man’s face changed the moment he heard that. What the… I can’t believe he hit the nail on the head!

Of course, that was just Jared’s guess. He figured a person powerful enough to open a portal to the underworld wouldn’t be this weak.

Realizing that he wouldn’t be able to trick Jared anymore, the old hunchbacked man shouted at the wolfdog. “Attack!”

The wolfdog bared its fangs and glared viciously at the blood demon. Every breath it took produced a strong gust of wind that blew through the area.

However, the blood demon showed no response to the wolfdog’s threats, for it was nothing but a zombie puppet. It would not be fazed no matter what.

Since it was unable to scare off the blood demon, the wolfdog opened its bloody mouth and charged at the blood demon.

Instead of dodging or stepping out of the way, the blood demon just let the wolfdog bite it on the arm. Little did the wolfdog know, the blood demon’s body was a lot tougher than it looked.

Not only was the blood demon’s body completely unscathed from the bite, but it also caused the wolfdog’s teeth to break in the process.

Right as the wolfdog loosened its bite from the intense pain, the blood demon sent it flying with a seemingly effortless slap.

However, the wolfdog was able to quickly get back on its feet and recover from the impact. Being a demon beast, it possessed a fairly strong physique as well.

The wolfdog then let out a roar and fearlessly charged at the blood demon again. Its body was exuding gusts of black mist while moving with lightning speed.

The next thing Jared knew, two more gigantic heads had emerged from the wolfdog’s neck. “What the… A three-headed beast?” Jared exclaimed in shock when he saw that.

All three of the wolfdog’s heads opened their mouths, baring their fangs. Jared had yet to recover from his shock when he felt a gust of gale coming from the front.

As he looked up, he saw that the old hunchbacked man was standing in front of him and was extending his withered hand to grab him.

The old hunchbacked man figured he would be able to neutralize the blood demon by subduing Jared. Surprised by the elderly man’s attack, Jared threw a punch at him in a desperate attempt to defend himself.

Boom! Jared was sent flying by the impact and landed hard on the ground. The old hunchbacked man, on the other hand, only paused for a second before lunging at Jared again.

Realizing that he was no match for the elderly. man, Jared whipped out his scepter and infused it with the Power of Dragons. Because he was a Martial Arts Saint, he could unleash a much greater power with the scepter than Jake.

The power of a sacred martial arts relic depended heavily on the person wielding it. Only a Martial Arts Saint was capable of utilizing a sacred martial arts relic to its full potential.

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