The Mans Decree Chapter 1760

Despite Warriors Alliance’s protective arcane array, the blood demon still reduced the formerly splendorous buildings to nothing but rubble within seconds.

Even Jared himself was bewildered by the blood demon’s overwhelming power. Holy sh*t! This blood demon is way too strong! If its physical body isn’t the only thing that’s retained, and it’s still alive right now, I think it’ll be practically undefeatable!

Jake’s face turned ashen when he saw Warriors Alliance being demolished. It’s over for me. Lord Tanner won’t let me off the hook even if Jared doesn’t kill me.

In a blink of an eye, the entire Warriors Alliance ceased to exist, and the only thing left standing was the fake mountain. None of the members of Warriors Alliance had corpses left to bury because they had all turned to mush.

When Jared shifted his attention to Jake, the latter felt his heart clenching.

It was pretty humiliating for someone like Jake, who was a Greater Martial Arts Marquis and a Black Silver Robe of Warriors Alliance, to be- reduced to a lowly captive and be in such a wretched state.

“I’ve helped you open the dungeon and told you everything, Jared. Can you please spare me?” he pleaded, for he was afraid of death.

Jared gazed at him and uttered icily, “I gave you a chance, but you didn’t appreciate it. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for occupying the position of Warrior Alliance’s president.”

Instead of killing Jake on the spot, Jared asked the blood demon to take him to the Deragon residence.

The only reason Jared kept him alive was so he could publicly execute him. He wanted everyone to see the consequences of allying with Warriors Alliance.

With Warriors Alliance’s president killed and its headquarters destroyed, no one would dare to join that organization again. Jared wouldn’t give up until Warriors Alliance was wiped out from the face of the planet.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a volatile space, a vaguely visible figure clad in a black robe slowly stood up.

“I can’t believe someone in the mundane world is powerful enough to shake my arcane array. That aura from earlier was way too powerful. Are ancient beings waking up because of the restoration of spiritual energy?” Even though the man was speaking, no one was standing before him.

“Lord Tanner, all major secret realms have received news that the era of spiritual energy restoration is upon us. Every prominent prestigious family seems to be preparing for it.

Many powerful representatives of those families have emerged in the mundane world. Yet, the Warriors Alliance we spent so much effort building was demolished at this crucial moment.” A wrinkled, slightly hunched old man appeared in the volatile space.

Tanner cackled as though he wasn’t upset by Warriors Alliance’s destruction at all. “Warriors Alliance is merely one of my baits. However, that doesn’t mean it could be easily destroyed by other people.

I want you to check out the situation. If possible, I want Jared to be brought in. Perhaps if we obtain his Golden Dragon’s True Form, we’ll be able to enter another world and, at long last, meet our demon lord.”

“Roger.” The hunched old man backed away slowly. Swiftly, his body disappeared in the volatile space. Meanwhile, in Jadeborough, news of Warriors Alliance’s destruction and its leader’s capture was spreading.

At that moment, Jared’s prestige had reached. its peak. However, none of that mattered to him because he was only interested in saving Josephine.

Even though Warriors Alliance was gone, the dungeon remained. Jared was in despair because there was nothing he could do to get Josephine out.

“Are you frustrated because you can’t break Warriors Alliance’s dungeon door, Mr. Chance?” asked Gilbert upon approaching Jared.

Jared promptly turned to him and nodded. “The arcane array on that door is too powerful. Even the blood demon can’t crack it open.”

“I was trapped in that dungeon for two decades, so I know just how unique that arcane array is. However, perhaps you can break the array if you can find its core.”

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