The Mans Decree Chapter 1759

Even Jake didn’t know Skylar’s specific whereabouts. He explained carefully, “1-I don’t know. The higher-ups summoned Skylar for cultivation…”

“I refuse to believe I can’t open it!” As surges of aura continued exuding from his body, Jared grabbed the cell door and tried using all his might to bust it down.

However, despite his efforts, the door remained intact. “Open the door!” he ordered the blood demon. The blood demon approached the door and gave it a punch, shaking the entire dungeon and almost causing it to collapse.

Yet, the door refused to budge That surprised Jared. This blood demon is a powerful being that is thousands of years old! How can it not have enough power to break this one door?

Right before the blood demon launched. another punch at the door, Jake hurriedly said, “You can’t open this door by force. Otherwise, the entire dungeon will collapse, and all of us will die.”

In response, Jared ordered, “Stop!” While both he and the blood demon were powerful enough to survive the collapse of the dungeon, Josephine likely wouldn’t. She would most probably die if that happened.

Jared was irritated because he had no idea what to do. “You must have a godd*mn way to open this door! Do it right now or die!”

He then grabbed Jake’s neck. If I can’t open this door with violence, I’ll squeeze an idea out of Jake! He’s Warriors Alliance’s president, after all.

Choking, Jake’s face flushed bright red. “I really can’t! Even if you kill me, it won’t open!”

Jared ignored him and increased the strength of his grip. Glaring at Jake with bloodshot eyes, he spat, “Since you want to die so badly, I’ll grant you your wish!”

Jake struggled to breathe as his face turned. purple, looking as though he would drop dead at any moment. Then, Josephine spoke up. “He really doesn’t seem like he knows how to open it, Jared.”

Only then did Jared regain a shred of rationality and release Jake.

Jake coughed incessantly and took in many deep breaths. “I genuinely have no idea how to open it. I don’t really have any authority because I’m just a temporary substitute for Skylar.”

Jared felt his heart ache badly as he stared at the trapped Josephine.

In response, Josephine comforted him, “Don’t be sad, Jared. Cheer up. I believe there’s a way to get me out of here. Besides, they won’t kill or torture me.”

“Okay. I’ll definitely find a way to break you out of this prison. Please wait for me, Josephine,” he assured resolutely.

“I believe you. Right now, you’re powerful enough to charge all the way in here. I’m certain the day of our true reunion is just right around the corner.”

Jared held onto Josephine’s hand for a long while, unwilling to let her go. Suddenly, a terrifying aura flooded into the dungeon as though something terrifying had awakened.

Upon detecting that aura, he knew he couldn’t stay in the dungeon any longer. After bidding. Josephine goodbye, he picked Jake up and sprinted out.

The moment he was out of the dungeon, the gates automatically closed. Then, waves of light reminiscent of fish scales appeared and reapplied an arcane array to the dungeon’s entrance.

In response to seeing that, Jared furrowed his eyebrows. I know for sure someone’s controlling all these behind the scenes! They probably know I entered the dungeon, too! Thus, he gave the blood demon an order. “Destroy Warriors Alliance!”

Since I can’t crush the dungeon, I’ll lay the entire Warriors Alliance to waste instead! The blood demon carried out Jared’s order by emitting a frightening aura, conjuring tornados to destroy the entire place.

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