The Mans Decree Chapter 1756

Boom! Even though he didn’t put all his strength into the punch, the force of it was equivalent to tens of thousands of pounds. It could even crush the tip of a mountain easily. Yet when that punch slammed into the blood demon, it was like it had been hit by a gentle breeze instead.

The blood demon didn’t show any reaction to the attack. On the other hand, the Black Silver Robe felt a huge countershock. In an instant, every bone in his arm was fractured. The sharp white ends pierced through his skin, exposing. the pointy tips into the air.

The combination of white bones and red blood. added a horror factor to the violent scene. The rest of the crowd was stunned by what they saw.

This was especially so for the Black Silver Robe who attacked. After the initial shock, he urgently retreated. He knew the man with no aura in front of him: was much more powerful than they realized.

However, when the Black Silver Robe retreated, the blood demon moved. The blood demon stretched its arm out to slap the Black Silver Robe across his face..

His movement might look slow, but it was surprisingly fast.

Before the Black Silver Robe could react, the blood demon’s palm had hit his face. Splat!

The Black Silver Robe’s head exploded into tiny pieces. Blood splattered everywhere, and at strong smell of iron spread through the air.

Jake and the other Black Silver Robe warriors were dumbstruck. “H-How is that possible?” Jake stared at the dead Black Silver Robe with disbelief.

He was a Greater Martial Arts Marquis! Not some nobody, but a Greater Martial Arts Marquis! How can one slap from the opponent kill him? It was like killing a fly with a swat. Isn’t this too ridiculous? What kind of power does one who can kill a Greater Martial Arts Marquis with a slap possess? Is he a Martial Arts Saint? A Manifestor?

Jake felt his brain had stopped working. The rest of the Black Silver Robes had solemn. looks on their faces as they watched their comrade die from a slap..

They didn’t dare to attack after that and instinctively took a step back. “I’ll let you live if you release my girlfriend now and apologize to me on your knees,” Jared offered.

Jake replied with a cold expression, “Don’t celebrate too early, Jared. Even though I don’t know where you got such an elite fighter from, don’t underestimate the Warriors Alliance. What can you do even if your man is a Martial Arts Saint? Do you think we don’t have one ourselves? The sacred martial arts relic in my hand can unleash the power equivalent to a Martial Arts Saint.”

Waves of aura continued to radiate from Jake’s body as he tightened his grip on the scepter. “Okay, die then.”

Not wasting any more breath, Jared immediately controlled the blood demon to attack “Attack him altogether! We don’t have to be scared even if that man is a Martial Arts Saint!” Jake shouted.

The remaining six Black Silver Robes clenched their jaws and charged together. They didn’t have much of a choice as they couldn’t flee. Tanner’s punishment for runaways was a fate worse than death.

All six charged toward the blood demon. Jake held onto his scepter and looked for an opportunity to deal the blood demon a lethal strike.

However, before Jake could attack, he saw the blood demon start waving his open palm around. With each swing, the blood demon gave a slap across each Black Silver Robe’s face at astounding speed.

In the blink of an eye, the six Black Silver Robes had turned into headless corpses. The entire hall was filled with the metallic tang of blood.

Jake, who had been waiting for the perfect chance to strike, was stunned. He stared at the bodies on the ground in disbelief. Shock was written all over his face.

The Black Silver Robes were all Greater Martial Arts Marquis. Some were even in the advanced- phase, so none were weaker than Jake. Yet, such an elite existence in the martial arts world died from a slap.

The problem was that one slap killed one person. The Black Silver Robes’ spirits didn’t even have the chance to escape from their bodies. They were destroyed in an instant.

At that point, the Black Copper Robes couldn’t keep a lid over their fear any longer and raced outside. Since the Black Silver Robes couldn’t withstand even one slap from the blood demon, surely the Black Copper Robes wouldn’t stand a chance. They would most likely die if the blood demon so much as sent a puff of breath in their direction.

“Don’t let them escape.” The blood demon’s body moved slightly at Jared’s command and appeared in front of the fleeing Black Copper Robes.

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