The Mans Decree Chapter 1752

Unequivocally, Jared fell in love with the blood demon upon witnessing its capability first- hand. He was beyond delighted to have it as an incredible sidekick, more so than to see a gorgeous woman. Even the Warriors Alliance paled in comparison to the blood demon.

While Jared was inundated with elation, Gilbert threw quite a wet blanket on him. “Mr. Chance, I wasn’t able to fully utilize my magecraft because I don’t have a physical body. Therefore, this zombie puppet can only last for seven days. Once the time is up, it will turn back into a corpse,” said Gilbert.

Jared’s face fell immediately when he heard the bad news. “Can’t you use your magecraft and continue to cultivate it after those seven days?”

Gilbert smiled wryly and replied, “Mr. Chance, I can’t cultivate a zombie puppet with a caliber as such for the second time. However, you can keep the dead body until you’ve found a suitable spirit to control it. It works that way too.”

Hearing that, Jared felt a glimmer of hope sprouting in his discouraged heart. Anyhow, seven days are enough to wipe out the entire Warriors Alliance!

“How long do you think is needed for this zombie puppet to get rid of the Warriors Alliance?” asked Jared. Since Gilbert was with the Warriors Alliance for more than two decades, he must know some of their secrets.

To his surprise, Gilbert shook his head. “Mr. Chance, the members of the Warriors Alliance are shrewd. I don’t know them very well. However, the zombie puppet isn’t invincible. It’s nothing but a corpse, and it probably had better combat prowess when it was still alive. The capability of the person controlling the zombie puppet matters a lot too. Anyway, dealing with the Warriors Alliance now should be like a walk in the park.”

Jared nodded. “That’s good enough for me. I can’t depend on a dead body for protection all the time. I need to increase my power too.”

“By the way, Mr. Chance, where’s Mr. Flaxseed?” Right then, Evangeline remembered Flaxseed as she had not seen him yet. “Oh, damn it! I’ve completely forgotten about Mr. Flaxseed!”

Struck by a sudden realization, Jared quickly ran toward the main hall. In the meantime, Flaxseed was lying on the floor in the main hall. His whole body was covered with wounds, and his mouth kept spewing blood profusely. “Mr. Flaxseed! Mr. Flaxseed…”

When Jared saw Flaxseed in such a horrific state, he felt so guilty. Things wouldn’t have gotten to this stage if Mr. Flaxseed hadn’t risked his life to save me.

Jared placed his hand on Flaxseed and realized he was still breathing. In other words, Flaxseed was still alive! Hence, he swiftly transferred a steady flow of spiritual energy into the latter’s body.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Then, Flaxseed coughed and opened his eyes gradually. “Are you all right, Mr. Flaxseed?” Jared was so happy to see him awaken. “Smooth… Tender… Fair…” mumbled Flaxseed.

Jared was utterly baffled. He could not understand a single word Flaxseed was saying.

Shortly after, he finally understood it and fell silent. Why is Mr. Flaxseed still dreaming of the woman’s fair thighs when he’s on the verge of dying?

Jared knew that the body possessed by the blood demon could not last for many days. Therefore, he brought Flaxseed to Encanta Island and requested Norm to take care of him. Then, he left for Jadeborough with Evangeline and the others.

Lizbeth and the rest of the girls were thrilled to welcome Evangeline back as they could have fun together at Crimson Palace again.

There were two main reasons why Jared did not share his plan of wiping the Warriors Alliance out with Lizbeth and the gang. First, he was afraid they would be worried for him. Second, he feared that they might tag along and face danger.

Jared brought Gilbert and the blood demon back to the Deragon residence. The head of the Deragon family then was Rayleigh.

“Jared, the Warriors Alliance kept themselves busy while you were away. I wonder where they found all these formidable fighters. Rumor has it that there are already eight Greater Martial Arts Marquis within the alliance.” That was the first thing Rayleigh said to Jared when they met.

“Eight Greater Martial Arts Marquis?” Jared was stunned. “Where did they get so many of them?”

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