The Mans Decree Chapter 1749

Seeing that, Jared had to stop moving. Instantly, a light blue flame ignited on his palm. It was strengthened by the Power of Dragons and intensified.

Jared decided to use fire against fire. He lightly. pushed his palm downward, and the light blue. flame immediately spread toward the ground, forming a wall of fire before him.

“I can’t believe you know Flame Control Magic as well. Too bad for you, what you’re doing is just an insignificant trick.” The man could not help but chuckle in derision when he saw the wall of fire in front of Jared.

Whoosh, whoosh! Balls of flame penetrated the wall of fire in a flash and struck Jared. In an instant, Jared’s body erupted into flames, and he collapsed to the ground.

The next moment, he noticed the man leap into the air. The fire even began to burn in midair, and it was as though the entire hall was covered in flames.

The flames bore down on Jared with horrendous pressure, seemingly going to tear him apart.

Jared gnashed his teeth as his joints creaked from the overwhelming force.  His eyes became bloodshot, and he even began to bleed from his nose and mouth.

But just as the fire was about to slam down on Jared from the air, he felt a sudden icy chilliness. Then, he saw a fine mist pouring upon the flames and extinguishing them.

Jared was flabbergasted because he had no idea who was helping him. When he turned around to see who it was, he was surprised to find it was the woman from earlier.

“What are you doing?” Anger was written all over the man’s face as he turned to gaze at the woman. “You can’t kill him, so let me do it.”

With an icy expression, the woman stalked toward Jared, seemingly still holding a grudge over that punch from just now. Taking in the woman’s reaction, the man didn’t say anything else. Instead, he took a few steps back.

As the woman stared at Jared, the frosty energy from her body enveloped him. Icy blue crystals swiftly formed on Jared’s body, and icicles suddenly popped up from the ground, appearing like a cage that trapped him on the floor.

Jared wanted to break free, but he noticed he couldn’t move a muscle as his body was too stiff. “At first, you were given a chance, yet you ruined it by your own hands. Thus, you can only die now.”

After the woman said that, a sharp icicle suddenly appeared on her palm, pointing directly at Jared’s head. Meanwhile, the Power of Dragons kept surging within Jared, and spiritual energy rapidly rushed out from his elixir field.

He had to break free of the layer of crystal on his body, or he was bound to die.

Right as the woman was about to attack Jared, Flaxseed, who was initially lying on the ground, abruptly leaped up and grabbed the woman’s fair thigh.

“Jared, run!” Flaxseed roared at Jared. “Ahh!” As Jared bellowed, the crystals on his body shattered. The next second, he jumped up and turned around to run toward the forbidden ground.

He knew that he was no match for the duo, so he didn’t continue to fight with them.

The woman was stunned for a moment before wanting to chase after Jared. However, she realized Flaxseed was hugging her thigh and even kept rubbing his face against her leg disgustingly.

“Let go! Let go of me!” Even though the woman kicked Flaxseed hard, the latter still didn’t let go of her.

In the meantime, the man leaped into the air when he caught sight of Jared escaping. Allowing flames to envelop his fists, he then threw a punch at Jared.

That punch of his carried lethal force and rolling heat waves. Jared dared not stop even as the Dragonslayer Sword emerged from his hand. He slashed it the moment he turned around.

Clang! A deafening sound thundered in the air. An intense power radiated down the Dragonslayer Sword, causing it to almost slip out of Jared’s hand. However, Jared used that power to boost himself forward further.

“D*mn it! This power is too terrifying…”

Jared did not dare to stop moving for a second and continued to rush forward. Meanwhile, the man went after Jared again.

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