The Mans Decree Chapter 1743

Jared was utterly stunned when he arrived on the forbidden ground. There, he saw the statue had cracked and fallen apart, and there was a corpse lying inside.

Based on the pristine condition of the corpse, it seemed as though the person had just died not long ago. It was in so good of a condition that even the skin was still supple. Needless to say, Jared was perplexed. How did a corpse end up here?

When Jared eventually turned toward Norm, Norm was sweating bullets when he said, “Mr. Chance, I-I don’t know what’s going on. No one has been in here… I-I don’t know who that is!”

Upon hearing those words, Jared frowned. Why is there a fresh corpse here?

Right then, Evangeline, who was next to Jared,. looked as pale as a sheet when she saw the corpse. “T-That’s a blood demon…” she stammered.

“A blood demon?” Shocked, Jared glanced at the corpse once more. The man looks young, and he was at most in his thirties when he died. He had nice facial features, and he didn’t even look like a demon! Besides, it’s obvious that the man had just died. It doesn’t look like a blood demon that died thousands of years ago.

“Hey, what do you mean by blood demon? You know this man?” Flaxseed asked. He didn’t know anything about blood demons.

Evangeline nodded. “I’ve seen blood demons. They were the ones who carried out the massacre in Lunarius Palace back then.”

“Who would’ve known that this blood demon could be that young? Besides, how is the body still in such good condition even though he had been dead for thousands of years?” Jared was flabbergasted.

“No. He isn’t dead. I can still feel his aura. A dead person wouldn’t have an aura,” Evangeline remarked.

Jared jumped in alarm when he heard that. If the blood demon is still alive, we’re all going to die! After all, he’s thousands of years old. He must be strong!

Upon noticing how nervous Jared was, Evangeline said, “Don’t worry. Although he isn’t. dead, that doesn’t mean he’s going to wake up. I think he kept a breath of vitality in his body to prevent his body from decaying.”

As soon as those words fell, Jared breathed at sigh of relief. “That’s good. Now, we shall burn the body so that the others wouldn’t get scared.”

With that, Jared lit up a light blue flame on his palm and infused his spiritual energy into the flame. In the next second, a huge fire appeared.

Jared then threw the fire onto the blood demon’s corpse, and the corpse started burning. After burning for half a day, however, the blood demon’s corpse was still unharmed.

Jared was astounded when he saw that. That’s my true fire! It’s supposed to burn everything! How is it not even harming a corpse?

“What on earth is happening?” Jared asked in puzzlement. “The blood demon is extremely strong. Its corpse can’t be destroyed that easily,” Evangeline answered.

Jared frowned and scrutinized the blood demon’s body. Right then, Flaxseed uttered, “Since this fellow has such a strong body, you’re going to be undefeatable if you could make it into a zombie puppet.”

Jared’s eyes lit up when he heard that. Flaxseed is right. If I can transform this blood demon’s corpse into a zombie puppet and make it listen to my command, I’m going to be undefeatable!! can topple Warriors Alliance and rescue Josephine! However, I don’t know how to train a corpse. Heck, I don’t even know how to create a zombie puppet!

“Mr. Flaxseed, do you know how to turn the blood demon’s corpse into a zombie puppet?” Jared asked.

“How would I know how to do that? That’s a form of black magic! I’m a proper spiritual energy cultivator instead of a demonic cultivator.” Flaxseed waved dismissively.

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