The Mans Decree Chapter 1739

The golden dragon advanced with immense speed toward the oncoming attack. It swooped in and obliterated the attacks, yet a few still managed to reach Jared. Despite the pain brought by the impact, he clenched his jaw and endured it.

The next second, Jared appeared before the beast core and picked it up. Before him, the golden dragon vanished suddenly into thin air. Kazuo’s expression changed. “How do you know the Watanabe family’s Nine Shadows Godly Strike?”

“Pfft! The Watanabe family’s Nine Shadows Godly Strike is not complete, but mine is the original!” Jared declared smugly.

He didn’t bother holding back now that he was in possession of the beast core. Jared moved quickly as his shadow clones multiplied rapidly.

Kazuo was unable to tell the difference between the shadow clones and Jared, as each of them wielded Dragonslayer Sword and emitted an identical aura.

“Nine Shadows Godly Strike, ten thousand heart-piercing arrows!” Jared roared angrily. His shadow clones simultaneously waved their swords.

Kazuo was met with a barrage of light from the swords of the shadow clones as they all came together to form a brilliant golden glow. The glow descended upon him and slashed at his chest with a powerful force.

Kazuo glanced at his wound as fury blazed across his eyes. “You’re the first person who has ever dared to hurt me!”

He leaped into the air and muttered something under his breath as he threw his katana upward. In an instant, Jared and his shadow clones were surrounded by a sea of tens of thousands of identical katanas that hovered in the air.

The katanas descended on Jared like a torrential downpour. Jared was rendered captive by the katanas that surrounded him.

The blinding lights emitted by each of them caused the shadow clones made by the Nine Shadows Godly Strike to fade away instantly.

The sight of the shadow clones disappearing caused Kazuo’s lips to curl. He knew no one would be able to survive his attack. The lights congregated and shone intensely.

Boom! A dazzling light rose up as though thunder had erupted. Kazuo surveyed the messy scene before him, yet he couldn’t see anyone.

“Ha! Insolent fool,” Kazuo remarked, his face devoid of expression. He had mixed feelings about finally taking Jared down. He had thought it would be a swift victory, but it took more effort than he expected.

Kazuo was ready to leave as he was under the impression that Jared had been annihilated. Suddenly, he spotted a figure rushing ahead at full speed.

The individual whose clothes were in rags was none other than Jared. “How is this possible?” Kazuo gasped in shock and hurriedly gathered his energy to give chase.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect Jared to escape! Kazuo was perplexed as to how Jared managed to escape the harrowing assault as it seemed impossible to do so.

In no time, he had closed the distance to Jared and swung his katana in his direction.

He wanted to chop Jared into half with this attack! Hearing the howling wind behind him, Jared didn’t turn around and thrust Dragonslayer Sword backward.

Under Jared’s control, the sword blocked Kazuo’s attack. Clang! Sparks flew everywhere, and Dragonslayer Sword was sent flying. Jared leaped into the sky to catch it.

Katana felt the spot between his thumb and index finger going numb from the impact. He nearly lost his grip on his katana. Without looking, Jared caught Dragonslayer Sword and continued sprinting ahead.

Kazuo’s eyes widened in disbelief as he stared at Jared’s Dragonslayer Sword. A deep frown creased his face as he muttered in amazement, “A sword spirit? This is actually a weapon with a sword spirit.”

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