The Mans Decree Chapter 1736

“Wait a minute.” Evangeline pulled out the bottle from her pocket and handed it to Jared. “If you run into danger, the spider beast can help you ward off your enemy.”

She then told Jared the spell to activate it before leaving with Flaxseed. After pocketing the bottle, Jared released his aura deliberately and ran in the opposite direction. Kazuo and Masamura were chasing after Jared and finally caught up to him on a hill. “I knew it!”

Kazuo glared at Jared as a murderous intent burned in his gaze. He had sensed the aura belonging to Jared a while ago. Jared had killed Jun and destroyed their base, so Kazuo wouldn’t let him off easily.

“Kazuo, how dare you Jetroinians set up a secret base in our country and harm our people by feeding them to demon beast? I shall take your life today to avenge those who you killed!” Jared roared angrily.

Kazuo burst out laughing arrogantly. “Don’t you find yourself funny? Do you seriously think you can kill me?”

He obviously thought Jared wasn’t his match. “Why don’t we give it a try and find out?”

Jared activated his Golem Body just in time to defend himself against the aggressive attack. His entire being emitted a golden light as scales covered his body.

At the same time, Jared held the bottle, prepared to release the spider beast. The spider beast would be able to hold Kazuo back, allowing him to flee the scene.

Jared wasn’t foolish enough to fight against Kazuo for real. After all, he wasn’t capable enough and was also outnumbered in this situation.

“Ha! Insolent fool!” Kazuo scoffed in disdain. Right after he said that, his aura increased as he reached out to attack Jared.

Before he could launch his attack, Masamura stopped him. “Mr. Kawaguchi, don’t kill him. His spirit is too strong. We’ll gain another expert if

we can extract his spirit and control it.” Hearing that, Kazuo nodded and retracted his aura. “Go ahead, Mr. Sakata,” he said.

“Mr. Kawaguchi, just you wait.” Masamura nodded. He strode toward Jared and sneered, “Brat, if you play along, you won’t have to suffer from excruciating pain. Do you understand?”

Jared scoffed at Masamura, who appeared to be weaker than him. “What makes you think you can capture me? You must really be delusional to believe you can do it in your current state,” he said mockingly “Brat, stop being stubborn. You shall find out how capable I am shortly after,” Masamura declared proudly.

Suddenly, clouds of black mist rose from Masamura’s body. They formed a black shadow and enveloped Jared’s body. Once the black shadow came into contact with Jared’s skin, it entered his body instantly.

Jared stiffened, and his gaze instantly became blank. A smile nudged Masamura’s lips when he spotted Jared’s reaction. Kazuo was pleasantly surprised as he praised, “Mr. Sakata, your Soul Searching Technique is getting stronger by the day!”

Masamura burst out laughing. “Mr. Kawaguchi, you flatter me. It isn’t that special.”

Soon, clouds of black mist rose from Jared’s body. The black shadow slowly left his body. bringing out a figure around half a meter tall with it.

That figure was none other than Jared’s spirit. Masamura and Kazuo’s laughter turned louder when they saw Jared’s soul leaving his body. They could barely contain their delight.

Right after Jared’s spirit left his body, it suddenly glowed brightly and turned into a little golden statue. Both Masamura and Kazuo were stunned by the sight.

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