The Mans Decree Chapter 1733

Jared briefly contemplated his next move before rushing outside with Flaxseed. As the spider beast followed behind them, it kept bumping into the rocky walls because the cave was too small. In the process, it caused the mountain to shake and bits of rocks to drop in all directions.

Upon witnessing the situation, Jared requested, “Find Evangeline and rescue her, Mr. Flaxseed.” If the spider beast collapses the entire mountain, Evangeline will get crushed and die! Flaxseed nodded and disappeared into a junction right after.

As for Jared, he continued to sprint outside, with the spider beast following behind. Jetroinian samurais who unknowingly crossed the beast’s path were promptly devoured by it.

He dove out of the cave when he spotted the entrance. On the other hand, the spider beast smashed into the entrance, expanding the size of the entryway as a result.

The instant the beast was outside, it shot numerous silk threads in his direction, restraining him. Then it opened its mouth and lunged toward him.

Jared’s body glowed with golden light as he ripped the threads apart. Gazing at Dragonslayer Sword stuck to the beast’s body, Jared remotely summoned his weapon back into his hand.

The moment the spider beast was about to chomp on him, he threw Dragonslayer Sword inside the beast’s mouth, propping it open.

The creature’s vigorous attempt to fling Dragonslayer Sword away ended in failure because the weapon was too firmly lodged in the roof of its mouth.

Additionally, Dragonslayer Sword was exceedingly sturdy. Hence, regardless of the spider beast’s best efforts, it couldn’t snap the blade.

As it could no longer use its mouth to bite, it started swinging its sharp claws, resulting in the destruction of large swaths of the forest.

The rampage wasn’t a concern for Jared because his relatively smaller body and speed enabled him to dodge the spider beast’s attacks continuously.

Just as the beast hurled its two claws in his direction, he leaped and landed on its head. Then, his fist began to glow with golden light. He continuously poured the Power of Dragons into his fist and punched the spider beast’s head.

That punch carried five thousand kilograms of force.


Even after Jared had unleashed his attack, the spider beast remained uninjured. Meanwhile, his entire arm had turned numb. In response to the assault, the beast wriggled its body in pain as though it was trying to toss Jared off its body.

However, he held on to the creature’s body and punched it again. Bam! Bam! Bam! As usual, while the spider beast experienced:

pain, it remained unscathed despite having received more than a dozen of Jared’s punches. On the other hand, his arm had lost all sensations.

Jared started to panic when he felt the Power of Dragons getting weaker. I didn’t expect the spider beast to be this durable!

In the meantime, after multiple failed attempts to shake the human off its body, it began smashing into the mountain like crazy.

Boom! Every time the beast crashed into the mountain, the earth shook, and bits of rocks dropped into the surrounding.

Jared was getting dizzy from all the violent movements, but still, he refused to let the beast go. Boom! The spider beast’s latest collision into the mountain was so powerful that half of it crumbled.

Jared reacted by unleashing Golem Body to its fullest potential. While he wasn’t afraid of the falling rocks, he was having a challenging time ensuring he wouldn’t drop off the beast’s body. If I fall, it’ll be difficult for me to mount it again. However, if I stay, I can’t attack it!

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