The Mans Decree Chapter 1726

When Jared’s train of thought ended there, he appeared somewhat excited and eager to leave. I need to find Mr. Flaxseed!

Seeing how Jared was in a hurry to depart, Wayne offered, “Are you facing some issues, Jared? If you are, I can ask my family to help you out. We’re friends, after all. You’re welcome to ask for aid.”

He showed a strong interest in Jared as though he wanted to rope the latter in. Gratefully, Jared replied, “I appreciate your offer, Mr. Gingerich. However, this is a private matter. If I need help, I’ll be sure to visit the Gingerich family.”

“Okay. I’ll ask someone to contact my family and tell them to obey your request.” Wayne smiled.

After Jared bade Wayne and Chester goodbye, he followed Fernando back to Jadeborough before rushing toward Whitesea without stopping. He expected Flaxseed to still be entranced by women.

His guess was correct because when he arrived at the Simmons residence, he saw two beautiful women keeping Flaxseed company. Additionally, Flaxseed wasn’t looking too great.

At a glance, Jared could tell it was because Flaxseed had overindulged in his desire “Why are you here, Jared?” Flaxseed was shocked and gestured for the women to leave when he saw Jared.

“If I didn’t, you probably would’ve died in the arms of women! Look at you now! You don’t have any life force energy left in your body!” Resignedly, Jared stared at Flaxseed.

Flaxseed chuckled and stood up before stretching his body. “You don’t understand. I’m also cultivating here. In any case, why are you here? Is there something you need from me?”

“I want you to prepare a few tracking talismans for me.”

“D*mn, who are you planning to track? Using tracking talismans drains a lot of spiritual power.” “I want to track Evangeline. She’s missing.”

“What? Did she go missing? Did she get lost? Then again, many things have changed over the course of several thousand years.” Flaxseed was aware of the soul, which was thousands of years old, living inside Evangeline’s body.

With a serious expression, Jared informed, “No. I can tell she has been captured and that she’s in danger. However, I can’t pinpoint her exact location!”

Seeing how serious Jared looked, Flaxseed withdrew his smile and frowned slightly. “She’s pretty strong, so whoever apprehended her must be quite powerful. Do you have anything that has her aura on it?”

In order for Flaxseed to use the tracking talisman, he needed something that possessed the target’s aura. “I do.” As Jared spoke, he handed Flaxseed Evangeline’s undergarments.

Flaxseed was stunned and gulped the moment he saw that. “Do you want me to get distracted while I draw the talismans? Is that why you intentionally brought these here?”

“I… just think her aura will be the thickest in these pieces of clothing.” Back then, Jared didn’t think too much about what he should bring with him.

He just went to Crimson Palace and grabbed Evangeline’s undergarments.

“All right, just give it to me.” Flaxseed put the undergarments on the table before pulling out a piece of talisman and started murmuring.

Without warning, the talisman burst into flame. Soon, Evangeline’s undergarments were also set ablaze, generating clouds of green smoke.

As the talisman burned into ash, Flaxseed furrowed his eyebrows tightly. “Why is she sol far away?”

“So? Do you know where Evangeline is?” Jared inquired. Nodding, Flaxseed answered, “Yes. Follow me.”

When he ended his sentence, he dashed toward Evangeline’s location. Jared followed behind. Both utilized their magecraft to travel to their destination at high speed.

Every once in a while, Flaxseed would burn a tracking talisman to ensure they were heading. in the correct direction. Soon, the duo found themselves in the middle of a jungle.

“Did you get the place wrong, Mr. Flaxseed? Why would she be here?” Jared was in disbelief as he scanned the uninhabited forest.

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