The Mans Decree Chapter 1702

Evangeline shook her head. “There’s none. The spiritual energy here is too weak, and it feels like there’s a restrictive energy that’s preventing a spiritual energy cultivator from increasing their capabilities. I’m not sure what it is, nor do I know how to describe it. All in all, it just feels like something is restraining me.”

“A restrictive energy?” Jared was dumbfounded. Right then, he recalled his moments on Encanta Island back then. The island also had some sort of restrictive energy which prevented the people there from achieving the peak of their capabilities no matter how hard they trained.

Suddenly, a wild idea came to Jared’s mind. Could someone have placed a restrictive energy over the entire earth to control the development of spiritual energy cultivators?

Immediately after that, he thought it ridiculous. How could someone be so powerful to place restrictive energy over the entire earth? That’s impossible.

“Come on. I’ll take you around,” Jared said, sighing dejectedly. He thought he would have a Martial Arts Saint around him once Evangeline had recovered. That way, he would practically be invincible.

Never did he expect Evangeline’s capabilities to be restrained to the point where she was only a Fifth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis

Just as Jared and Evangeline were about to continue walking, a fragrance entered his nostrils. The smell made him dizzy and caused his blood to pump faster, which increased his body’s temperature.

Sensing something was odd, Jared hurriedly turned around and spotted Lizbeth and the others Melanie and Lyanna?

He came to a realization as soon as he saw them. Before he could speak, Evangeline’s expression darkened. “How dare you witches use Charm Magic in broad daylight?” Evangeline was not acquainted with Melanie and Lyanna. Thus, she was furious at the siblings for using Charm Magic on Jared and lunged at them.

Naturally, the siblings did not back down, either. They berated, “You vixen! You’re the one who’s a witch for seducing someone else’s boyfriend!”

Immediately after that, the trio got into a fight, but none of them dared to go all out since they were in the middle of a bustling area.

Many people would be injured if they unleashed their powers. That was not allowed by the government. That was why Evangeline put a rein on her powers. It was hard to tell which party was going to win.

At the same time, many people gathered around to watch, murmuring among themselves.

Jared could not help but feel embarrassed. “That’s enough. Stop fighting. Stop it!” Given no choice, Jared stepped forward and pulled the women apart.

“That’s enough! This is a misunderstanding. Let’s talk about this when we get back,” stated Jared unhappily. He then dragged the seething women back.

Though they fled the scene in the blink of an eye, someone managed to take pictures and posted them on the internet. At that moment, many netizens began discussing the fight over Jared on the martial arts forum.

The entire incident left Jared speechless. Thankfully, the women were reasonable people, and they made up with each other right after Jared explained everything.

Since Evangeline only became aggressive because she wanted to protect Jared, Melanie and Lyanna did not resent her. Feeling exasperated, Jared smoked his cigarette alone on the balcony.

He was completely fearless in the face of mighty enemies. Yet, he was helpless when it came to dealing with many women.

“I never thought I’d live to see the mighty leader of Deragon Sect feeling troubled over matters related to women.” Just then, Rayleigh approached and sat beside Jared.

“Oh, Mr. Deragon! I really don’t know what to do…” said Jared helplessly while handing Rayleigh a cigarette.

“You don’t have to do anything. I’m sure they can sort it out on their own. Women shouldn’t be the cause of your worries. You should spend your energy on other matters,” Rayleigh advised.

Hearing that, Jared nodded, and the frown on his face vanished.

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