The Mans Decree Chapter 1660

Chapter 1660 I Like You

Fernando ordered someone to prepare a room for Jared. When Jared entered the room, he noticed that it was very clean, and there was a sweet amora lingering in the air. Moreover, the interior of the room was exquisitely decorated and equipped with all kinds of furniture. Clearly, it was a woman’s bedroom.

Jared was stunned and confused as to why Fernando had arranged for him to stay in that room. However, he did not think too much about it and slumped into bed immediately. He could not wait to enter the secret realm the next day!

After chatting with Fernando earlier that day, Jared realized that there was so much more to the world than just Warriors Alliance of Jadeborough.

Soon, the man fell into a deep sleep. In the middle of his sleep, Jared suddenly felt someone touching his body! Instinctively, he slapped the person’s hand away.

He was jolted out of his sleep and had broken into a cold sweat. He had never been that careless before and was shocked that he had let someone get so close to him without him even realizing it. “Ahhh…”

Just as Jared was about to strike again, he heard a woman’s shriek and stopped. He quickly turned on the lights, and to his surprise, he saw Astrid standing in front of him.

She was the one who was feeling him up earlier! The woman was only wearing a thin satin night dress that was almost transparent under the illumination of the lights.

“Ms. Gunderson, are you all right?” Jared asked after turning his head sideways as he did not dare to look at Astrid directly.

“That was harsh! How can you treat a woman this way!” Astrid pouted and seemed to be rather furious.

“Sorry. I didn’t know it was you. What are you doing in my room at this hour?” Jared asked.

“This is my room. Why can’t I be here?” Astrid questioned back.

Jared started to panic when he heard that and apologized immediately. “Ms. Gunderson, I’m so sorry. I must have entered the wrong room.”

The man was feeling extremely awkward, thinking that he had gone to the wrong room by mistake!

He was just about to leave when Astrid stopped him and said, “Nope. You didn’t. I wanted you to stay in my room.”

Jared froze and looked toward Astrid in disbelief.

With a blush on her face, the woman said, “I really like you, so I wanted you to sleep in my room. I want to be your woman…”

Taken aback by Astrid’s directness, Jared retreated a few steps and replied, “Ms. Gunderson, I’m afraid that’s not possible. I… I already have a girlfriend.”

“I know, but I don’t care. I don’t even need a proper title. I just want to be by your side!” Astrid said without much concern.

“Ms. Gunderson, I’m really sorry. I can’t…”

After saying that, Jared turned to leave, still feeling extremely awkward.

However, Astrid suddenly hugged him from behind and said begrudgingly, “Is it because I’m not pretty enough? Or am I not capable enough? Or is my family’s status not good enough for you? Why? Just tell me why.”

Enveloped by the warmth from the woman’s body, Jared chanted the calming incantation silently before saying, “Ms. Gunderson, you are very beautiful, and you are the most capable women I’ve ever met. Also, the Gunderson family is one of the most influential families in Jadeborough. It’s just that my girlfriend is still detained at Warriors Alliance, and my priority is to get her out…”

Jared pried Astrid’s hand away gently and tried to get away from her.

“I really don’t need anything. I mean it. You can just use me for your physical needs. Why is it that your girlfriend can have you, but I can’t? I like you so much. I really do. You’re always in my thoughts… You are probably feeling sorry for me now, but I don’t care. Although I have a lot of admirers in Jadeborough, I’m not interested in any of them. I’m a girl, and I’ve already taken the initiative to tell you how I feel. Why can’t you take some pity on me?”

As Astrid spoke, tears started falling down her cheeks.

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