The Mans Decree Chapter 1622

Chapter 1622 You Are Not Worthy

“You don’t have to ask so many questions. Send the person over and rush back immediately.” After that, Ryker ordered the four people to wait for him outside and went to the dungeon again.

When he walked out, he brought another person with him. That person’s hands and feet were bound by chains, and her head was covered by a black veil. Her face could not be seen.

“Remember this. You have to pass the letter to someone called Santiago Hargreaves. Do you understand?” Ryker reminded them seriously.

The four people brought the person away, and Ryker took some black stones from the secret room before putting them in the dungeon. “Jared, even if I have to perish with you, I’ll kill you!” Ryker’s eyes were full of viciousness.

However, Ryker’s movements had been seen by Godrick. Godrick knew that the Deragon family was facing the life and death situation. The Deragon family could not defeat a Greater Martial Arts Marquis no matter how much they tried.

“Ryker hid so many Heavenly Lightning Stones… Is he planning to kill the Deragon family along with Jared?” Godrick mused aloud with narrowed eyes. A frown appeared on his face. “Who’s there?”

Ryker sensed that there was someone in the vicinity and grew wary. Godrick was shocked. He retreated swiftly, but Ryker walked toward him quickly.

Godrick was going to be discovered, but a mighty aura immediately enveloped the Deragon residence.

Thereafter, a deafening roar resounded through the air. The door of the Deragon residence had been struck down.

“Come out, Ryker!” Jared’s voice rumbled through the air. Ryker’s expression changed. He leaped up and walked to the courtyard.

Godrick heaved a sigh of relief quietly before rushing over.

When Ryker rushed to the courtyard, he discovered many corpses.

Jared had killed many Deragons in such a short span of time.

“Jared. You killed Edgar, and you dare to come to the Deragon residence. You have gone overboard!” Ryker yelled as he glared at Jared.

An indescribable feeling bubbled up in Ryker’s heart.

A few months ago, he still viewed Jared as a person who was as insignificant as an ant!

However, Jared had become someone that he could not even hope to defeat now.

“Gone overboard?” Jared chuckled coldly. “Not only am I going to kill your son, but I will also kill everyone in the Deragon family. Set my mother free and I can let you die a less painful death…”

“How dare you! The blood of the Deragons is flowing in you. I’m your relative. How dare you speak to me without respect?” Ryker scolded Jared furiously.

“Respect? You’re not worthy of that…”

In mere seconds, Jared flew in front of Ryker before giving him a resounding slap.

Ryker was caught off guard and received the full brunt of the harsh slap. His teeth dropped out from his mouth.

He was the patriarch of the Deragon family, but he was slapped by Jared in front of so many people. That humiliated him utterly.

“Jared, kill me if you can! I won’t let you meet your mother ever again!” Ryker threatened him loudly as he gritted his teeth.

His threats proved to be effective.

Jared’s mother was still being held captive by Ryker, hence Jared did not dare to act carelessly.

Ryker was delighted when he saw that Jared was stunned by his words.

“Kneel before my son. If I’m satisfied, I might consider letting your mother go…” Ryker said.

Jared narrowed his eyes as he stared at Ryker.

“Kneel before him? You’re not worthy…”

Next, a frightening pressure emitted from Jared as he spoke.

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