The Mans Decree Chapter 1621

Chapter 1621 Send Her There

In the living room of the Deragon residence, a body without a head was placed on the table. The body belonged to Edgar. Ryker stared at his son’s corpse in disbelief.

“No… This is impossible! This can’t be my son! My son is a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. No one can kill him!” Ryker shook his head and could not believe it as the corpse was without a head.

It was also because of that reason that he could mislead himself into thinking that his son was still alive. “Old Mr. Deragon, this is Mr. Edgar’s corpse. Jared had become a Greater Martial Arts Marquis too, so Mr. Edgar…”

Godrick who was standing by the side reported softly. “Shut up! Everyone shut up… My son is not dead. He won’t die. He’ll be back soon!” Ryker roared. He was unwilling to believe that his son was dead.

Godrick retreated to a corner and stood there silently without any expression. A long while later, Ryker finally accepted the truth. He started crying in devastation.

“Edgar! My son… Why are you dead? Why did you die just like this…” Ryker threw himself on Edgar’s corpse and wailed. “It’s Jared’s fault. I’ll avenge you! I’ll definitely avenge you…”

Ryker wiped away his tears, and a vicious glint appeared in his eyes. He stood up and walked to the dungeon in the Deragon residence.

He went there with a face full of fury. When Beatrice saw Ryker, she immediately stood up. She had already gotten used to it. Whenever Ryker went to see her, he would whip her.

As expected, he took the whip and hit her harshly. He wanted to vent his anger on her. Soon after, he grew tired and breathed laboriously.

“Your son killed my son. I have to avenge him. I’ll let you witness your son dying in front of your eyes!” Ryker said to her in the most ferocious tone.

At the mention of her son, her expression changed subtly.

However, the emotion soon disappeared. It had been so many years. She did not want Ryker to know her weak spot.

She knew that the more concern she showed for her son, the more he would be in danger.

When Ryker saw that Beatrice’s expression barely changed, he stormed out of the prison angrily.

“Old Mr. Deragon, someone revealed that Jared is rushing over to the Deragon residence now. He’s a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. How should we deal with him?” Godrick asked hurriedly.

A Greater Martial Arts Marquis could kill everyone in the Deragon family.

Ryker was deep in thought. He did not know how he should defeat a Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

Although he vowed to take revenge for his son, he did not have the ability to do so.

After thinking for a while, a cold light shone in his eyes. He gritted his teeth.

“Godrick, get everyone in the Deragon family to come over. We have to be prepared to fight against him…” Ryker ordered Godrick.

After instructing Godrick, Ryker silently walked into the study.

Soon after, he held a letter in his hands before opening a secret room in the courtyard. Four people were resting in the room. They were the strongest people in the Deragon family and were Martial Arts Marquises in the advanced phase.

However, very few people knew about the existence of the four people. It was Ryker’s hidden trump card, and he would not reveal it easily to others.

However, he had no choice but to use them now. Even if the four people fought against Jared, Ryker was not confident that they could defeat him. Thus, he had other plans for them.

“Take my letter to the Violet Cloud Palace and escort someone there,” Ryker ordered.

“Old Mr. Deragon, who are we escorting?” one of them asked.

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