The Mans Decree Chapter 1611

Chapter 1611 Tied

Since Jared had cut him deep with words, Edgar was determined to bite back at him. Sure enough, Jared instantly turned grim when he heard the latter’s taunt.

A deathly cold murderous intent burst forth from him, turning the entire martial arts arena into a frigid winter hellhole and sending chills down everyone’s spines. “You’ve successfully pissed me off, Edgar…” Jared said through gritted teeth, his voice so low and guttural that it made everyone tremble with fear.

Edgar, too, had begun to regret his actions. My goodness. What’s that scary aura coming from Jared? Maybe I shouldn’t have provoked him… After all, angry people might display greater strength than usual!

Just then, the spirit in Edgar’s body spoke up. “Don’t let your guard down. This guy’s aura is terrifying…” With that, Edgar quickly dropped his arrogance and increased his vigilance.

I can’t believe a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis like Jared has made me go on high alert. Then again, what else can I do? His powers are ridiculous!

By then, a furious Jared had begun to exude a bright golden glow as the Power of Dragons gathered on his right fist. The next second, he unleashed his attack. “Sacred Light Fist!”

A dragon’s roar soon followed as the punch morphed into a golden dragon and charged at Edgar.

Upon seeing that, the latter hastily waved his hand and formed a martial energy shield before him.

Alas, it wasn’t long before the golden dragon broke through the barrier and flew toward Edgar with its jaws wide open.

Despite the shock, Edgar swiftly materialized a black seal mid-air and sent it crashing headlong into the dragon.

With the seal now imprinted on the dragon, the golden hue soon disappeared. Seconds later, both the seal and dragon vanished into thin air.

“Wow. Jared Chance sure is strong. He’s only a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis, yet he managed to tie the fight with a Greater Martial Arts Marquis!” someone in the crowd exclaimed.

However, as soon as those words came out, the black seal reappeared so suddenly that it caught Jared by surprise.

By the time he realized the gravity of the situation, the seal had slammed into his chest and sent him flying backward.

One thing was for sure—the power of a Greater Martial Arts Marquis was a sight to behold!

“What the hell? To think I was so excited about the fight ending in a tie. Who knew Edgar still had tricks up his sleeve?” the same man in the crowd muttered.

Seeing how Jared was sent flying with just one hit, Colin and Lizbeth couldn’t help but worry.

Thankfully, Jared wasn’t hurt badly and had already retaliated with a powerful palm strike.

A golden palm rocketed out amidst the roaring wind and landed squarely on Edgar’s body, sending the man flying just as far back as Jared.

Even though both attacks hadn’t inflicted substantial injuries on either man, there was no doubt the fight was a tie.

To Edgar, however, that was the most humiliating outcome possible. After all, it was impossible for him to not have defeated someone who was nothing more than a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis.

“Jared, I’ll leave the martial arts world if I don’t kill you today!” Edgar fumed, his anger rising like a tide.

“Oh, don’t worry. You won’t be leaving the martial arts world. You’ll be leaving this world instead…” Jared replied before his body turned into a ray of golden light and started closing in on Edgar.

With his Golem Body and insane physical strength, Jared knew that close combat would be the perfect way to unleash his true power.

Upon realizing Jared’s intention, Edgar immediately emitted rays of black light that wrapped around him like a suit of armor, mimicking the protective effect of Golem Body.

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