The Mans Decree Chapter 1592

Chapter 1592 A Glass Too Many

Zion was doing all that because he wanted to let all the sects and prestigious families understand that although he wasn’t strong, he was still the president of the Warriors Alliance and had supreme rights! “Waiter, serve me wine!” Zion was asking for more wine despite being tipsy.

In recent times, the martial arts world in Jadeborough was peaceful without Jared causing trouble. Consequently, Zion was at ease, and he didn’t need to worry about getting killed by Jared anymore.

Suddenly, a person who seemed to be the manager of the premise showed up and urged, “President Zeigler, I think you’ve had one glass too many. Perhaps you should stop…”

Zion was drinking there every day, but he never paid for his drinks. However, the bar’s manager never dared to say a word in retaliation.

This time around, the manager only dared to advise Zion because Zion was seemingly having too much to drink. “What is the meaning of this? Are you saying that I won’t pay you?” Zion narrowed his eyes and patted the manager’s shoulder.

The manager quickly explained, “President Zeigler, that’s not what I mean. It’s just that I think you’re drinking too much. I worry about your trip back!”

Enraged, Zion grabbed the manager’s collars and fumed, “What’s there to worry about? I’m the president of Warriors Alliance! Who would dare to offend me? Could it be that you’re also looking down on me? Do you think I’m a powerless president?”

The manager was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat. While waving his hands in the air, he answered, “Oh, no! No! You’ve misunderstood me, President Zeigler. How would I dare to look down on you?”

After saying that, the manager turned toward the waiter and ordered, “Quick! Bring President Zeigler a bottle of good wine!”

Zion only let the matter slide after receiving a bottle of wine from the waiter.

With a bottle of wine in his hand, Zion staggered out of the bar while humming a song. What a sweet life I’m living!

When he arrived in an alley, he bumped right into a man.

Zion squinted and cursed, “What the f*ck? Are you blind? Why the f*ck are you standing in the middle of the road?”

Upon taking a closer look at the man in front of him, Zion shuddered in fear. He’s wearing a black robe!

However, he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the black robe didn’t have Warriors Alliance’s badge. I would be in deep trouble if the man in black before me were Warriors Alliance’s Black Copper Robe warrior or Black Silver Robe warrior!

“President Zeigler, are you drinking and singing every day? You’re living a good life, aren’t you?” A sinister voice rang out.

Zion was slightly taken aback when he heard it. Why does that voice sound so familiar?

“Who are you? Since you already know I’m the president of Warriors Alliance, how dare you stand in my way? Do you want me to kill you right now?” Zion shouted at the man in black.

“Kill me?” the man in black sneered. “Do you think you’re worthy of killing me?” the man in black taunted disdainfully with back-facing Zion.

“You’re courting death!” Zion tossed the bottle of wine away before throwing his palm outward.

The strike unleashed a sharp gust of wind before landing on the man’s back.

However, the man in black remained unmoved.

Zion was startled, and he was no longer tipsy.

“W-Who are you?” Zion asked in shock.

“You’re so forgetful, President Zeigler. Don’t you recognize my voice?” Edgar slowly turned around.

Zion furrowed his brows when he saw Edgar. “Edgar?”

“Why are you here? Why are you blocking my way?” Zion glared at Edgar.

“Well, I would like to know why are you opposing the Deragon family, President Zeigler. Is the Deragon family not strong enough to have a seat at the meetings?” Edgar asked directly.

“I’m the president. I get to decide what happens during the meetings. What makes you think you can question my decision? The Deragon family is merely a member of Warriors Alliance. Are we supposed to ask for your permission before we hold a meeting?” Zion let out a cold snort after finding out that Edgar had shown up to seek justice on Ryker’s behalf.

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