The Mans Decree Chapter 1591

Chapter 1591 Making An Example

As the number of men in black was increasing, more people in the sects and prestigious families were possessed by spirits. These people were all getting stronger at an exponential rate. Hence, all the people who were Martial Arts Marquis were left behind.

Soon, Ryker felt an unprecedented aura, and it was making him nervous. Gradually, a figure appeared before Ryker. He was stunned when he eventually saw who it was. “Edgar? Have you achieved a breakthrough?” Ryker widened his eyes in disbelief.

“Yes. I have. Not only am I now a Greater Martial Arts Marquis, but I’ve also undergone lightning tribulation. Now, I’m undefeatable.” Edgar’s eyes were glimmering, and he was brimming with confidence.

“L-Lightning tribulation?” Ryker was stunned again before feeling elated. “Haha! This is great! This is unbelievable! Now, the Deragon family is going to soar once again. We no longer need protection from Warriors Alliance!”

Ryker was so happy that he was crying tears of joy.

“What’s the matter with you, Dad?” Edgar was confused.

Upon heaving a sigh, Ryker answered, “You don’t know this, but ever since you left a few months ago, the martial arts world in Jadeborough has changed a lot!”

Ryker went on to tell his son what had happened in Jadeborough’s martial arts world.

He also told Edgar that the other sects and prestigious families were getting stronger, so the Deragon family’s status was getting worse. It was so bad that Ryker wasn’t even invited to Warriors Alliance’s meetings anymore. In other words, the Deragon family was non-existent in Warriors Alliance.

“F*ck…” Edgar gritted his teeth and roared, “I’m going to show those who look down on the Deragon family that I’m the strongest in the martial arts world! I want them to bow down to me! Who do they think they are? What makes Zion think he has the right to look down on the Deragon family?”

Following his furious roar, a terrifying wave of martial energy began to spread out from him.

Right then, Godrick came in and lowered his head sheepishly when he saw Edgar.

“What is it, Godrick?” Ryker asked.

“Old Mr. Deragon, Warriors Alliance is holding a meeting tomorrow…” Godrick answered.

“Is the Deragon family still not invited?” Ryker frowned.

“That’s right.” Godrick nodded.

“Got it. You’re dismissed.” Ryker waved him off.

Ryker had been asking Godrick to find out what was going on within Warriors Alliance.

Although Ryker knew Warriors Alliance had been constantly holding meetings, he didn’t know why they did that. All he knew was that Warriors Alliance had never once invited the Deragon family to be present at the meetings.

Before Godrick left, he couldn’t help but sneak a peek at Edgar.

Edgar didn’t notice it because Godrick was so weak that he was unnoticeable.

At that moment, Ryker’s expression was solemn. Ever since I took over the Deragon family, we’ve been falling behind. Now, no one even respects us anymore.

“D*mn you, Zion…” A cold glint flashed past Edgar’s eyes. “I’m going to look for him now.”

“Don’t act rashly, Edgar!” Ryker warned.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I know what to do.”

With that, Edgar left the Deragon residence.

Meanwhile, Zion was indulging in alcohol in a bar.

One would think that Zion, the president of Warriors Alliance, had a superior status and was enjoying his fame and fortune.

However, he knew everyone in Warriors Alliance was looking down on him.

That was why Zion had to keep holding meetings to make his presence known. In addition, he left Ryker and the Deragon family out of the meetings so that he could make an example of Ryker.

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