The Mans Decree Chapter 1590

Chapter 1590 The Lightning Tribulation

In the northwest of Chanaea was a desert with a dead zone so dangerous that even Martial Arts Marquises would rather take a detour than pass through it.

The zone was littered with bones, and a one-armed young man in a black robe was sitting among them then. That person was none other than Edgar, the man searching for Jared so he could become a Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

Unfortunately, he could not find Jared because the man had disappeared like a ghost. That was why Edgar had to prey on other people’s strength at that place to become a Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

Rumble! The sky above the supposedly sunny desert was suddenly covered with dark clouds and rolling thunders. Lifting his head to look at the darkened sky, Edgar was filled with nothing but excitement.

You’ll probably be the first in the martial arts world to be struck by lightning right after becoming a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. A raspy voice echoed in Edgar’s mind.

“This is all thanks to your guidance. I’ll do my best to help you restore your true body and serve by your side,” promised Edgar earnestly.

Breakthroughs in the martial arts world rarely caused an unnatural phenomenon, even though legends had it that strange occurrences like lightning tribulation would happen if one became a Martial Arts Saint.

However, Edgar managed to cause such a phenomenon just by becoming a Martial Arts Marquis, and he knew it was because of the spirit inside of him.

You have to endure the lightning tribulation yourself since I won’t be of any help in that regard. After you have done so, I imagine no Martial Arts Marquis will be a match for you.

A shadow exited Edgar’s body and hovered far away.

Besides feeling excited, Edgar was also nervous when he stared at the lightning tribulation in the sky.

As someone who had never been through such a trial, the man wondered if he could survive it because he would be reduced to ashes otherwise.

Still, Edgar had no choice but to grit his teeth and tackle the trial head-on if he wanted to be the very best in the martial arts world.


Before long, the lightning tribulation violently struck Edgar’s body, causing him to feel as though he had been stabbed by tens of thousands of swords and was getting torn apart.

After some time, the black clouds in the sky began to dissipate while bursts of light surrounded Edgar’s body.

“Hahaha! I did it! I did it!” Edgar laughed maniacally as he looked at his body. “Let’s see who in the martial arts world dares challenge me now that I’m a Greater Martial Arts Marquis.”

The shadow swiftly re-entered Edgar’s body.

Since your body has been tempered by the lightning tribulation, you can now face even a Third Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

“If Jared’s still alive, nobody in the martial arts world will be able to stop me from tearing him to pieces.”

Edgar was nothing if not confident when he swung his fist forcefully and caused a series of terrifying explosions somewhere not too far away. Even the earth itself shook in the wake of his newfound power.

“So this is the power of a Greater Martial Arts Marquis, huh? Hahaha!”

Edgar started leaping toward Jadeborough so he could tell Ryker the good news that his family would reclaim their glory and that the hierarchy of power in the martial arts world of Jadeborough would soon be changed.

At that moment, Ryker was still worrying about Edgar since he did not know about his son’s breakthrough. If anything happens to Edgar in his search for Jared, our family will be ruined! After all, he’s the strongest among us. An old Martial Arts Marquis like me can’t do much for our family any longer!

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