The Mans Decree Chapter 1589

Chapter 1589 The Reformation For A Brighter Future

Unlike Flaxseed, Jared did not care about Tigris’ skin and tendons because the statue before him was worth even more.

Having been around for thousands of years, the statue has probably absorbed an immeasurable amount of spiritual energy. If I can use it as a source, I believe I’ll be able to improve myself even further. I might even become a Manifestor.

Jared’s spiritual sense slowly emanated from his body to envelop the statue. He hoped to uncover all the statue’s secrets with Tigris finally out of the way.

However, just as Jared’s spiritual sense was about to shroud the statue, a flash of golden light suddenly cut him off. Immediately after that, the statue’s eyes lit up as if it had come alive. “Ignorant human, you will be punished…”

Bursts of bell-like sounds could be heard from inside the statue before Jared felt blood crawl up his throat and out of his mouth.

Flaxseed, Colin, and the others covered their ears and rolled on the floor in pain. “Let’s get out of here!” cried Jared before turning around to make a break for it.

Even though the statue was not actually alive or able to move, it managed to cause Jared and the others a lot of suffering with noise alone. Jared would rather not stay to find out what else it could do to them.

At that point, he had already given up on the spiritual energy in the statue because keeping himself alive was more important.

Not long after Jared and the others escaped the forbidden ground, the place collapsed and fell into ruin.

Following the destruction of the forbidden ground, the spiritual energy above Encanta Island began to dissipate until it was almost non-existent.

Besides a few actual cultivators, nobody could feel the change in the spiritual energy. After all, they were regular people before being used as tools for the blood demon’s resurrection.

Not many knew what happened to the forbidden ground because almost everything on Encanta Island was still running as usual.

Although Norm was next in line to be the new king after Terrell’s death, he knew Jared would take the place instead because he would be nothing more than the man’s puppet.

“Norm, get your people to tear down all the stone statues in the temples to stop anyone from worshipping them. If the blood demon gets resurrected, no one will survive,” Jared said to Norm.

Nodding in response, Norm immediately got his men to do as Jared ordered despite their confusion.

Jared did not leave Encanta Island right after making the necessary arrangements, for even though the spiritual energy on the island was as thin as in other places, he had Tigris’ beast core to help him break through to Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

If he managed to do so, he would have the confidence to go to Jadeborough again.

With his indestructible body and his divine martial arts, Jared would be able to handle experts in the middle-phase of Greater Martial Arts Marquis once he reached the same rank.

He found a quiet spot to ingest the beast core while Colin took the time to cultivate to reach the rank of Martial Arts Marquis.

Because his cultivation had been suppressed in the past few months, Colin had failed to improve his cultivation level. However, with the restraint on Encanta Island finally gone, his cultivation took him to new heights at the speed of light.

As for Flaxseed, the man spent his time messing around with the tiger skin and tendons, seemingly trying to make something out of them.

Norm was busy overseeing the entire Encanta Island; he listened to Jared and got rid of the monarchy in favor of reformation, pointing the island’s civic development in the direction of a brighter future.

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