The Mans Decree Chapter 1587

Chapter 1587 Transforming Back To Its Original Form

Jared could barely keep himself intact, much less protect the two of them. Tigris could break through Jared’s defense if the man got stretched too thin.

“Jared, we’ve recovered our powers. We’re here to help you deal with the tiger demon.” With that, Flaxseed went straight for Tigris.

“You should’ve stayed in your cave instead of stirring up troubles, you demon beast! Now I’m going to strip you of your skin and tendons,” Flaxseed insulted Tigris. “How dare you…”

Tigris gritted his teeth so hard that those around him could hear it. He had never thought a cultivator with a mere golden elixir would dare speak to him that way.

After taking a step forward, Tigris swung his fist at Flaxseed. “Watch out!” Jared knew Flaxseed was no match for Tigris, so he leaped forward and parried the demon beast’s fist with his own.

At that moment, Flaxseed quickly pulled out a charm and bit his finger to write incantation texts on the special piece of paper with his blood.

With a flick of his wrist, Flaxseed then stuck the charm onto Jared’s back. “Colin!” he called out afterward. “Got it, Mr. Flaxseed.”

Colin immediately knew what Flaxseed was thinking. He grabbed him by the hand to transfer his martial energy.

With some chanting, Flaxseed caused the charm on Jared’s back to emit a red glow, and shortly after, waves of spiritual energy began to enter Jared’s body.

Flaxseed managed to transfer spiritual energy to Jared again with the help of the charm.

Even though Colin’s power was not significant by any means, anything was better than nothing because Jared needed all the help he could get.

“Let me help too.” After realizing what Colin and Flaxseed were doing, Norm grabbed Colin and transferred whatever was left of his spiritual energy.

Jared suddenly felt that his previously depleted elixir field had been refilled and was granting him power. Surprised, Jared could not help but turn his head around to give a curious look.

“Jared, we’ve transferred our spiritual energy to you, so do your best to take down that tiger demon!” shouted Flaxseed.

Only then did Jared realize Flaxseed and the others were responsible for the sudden surge of power.

Having gained the upper hand in the battle, Jared immediately sent Tigris flying away like a rag doll and into the stone statue with his explosive punch.

The statue then suddenly glowed and blew Tigris away.

After sustaining such heavy attacks, Tigris looked almost pitiable as blood dripped from his mouth.

There was a hint of impish glee in Jared’s eyes when he gazed at the injured demon beast.

“I’ve lived for thousands of years, yet you ignorant lot think you can defeat me? I’ll make you pay for what you did to me today.” Tigris’ body began to glow as he got down on all fours and shrank.

The demon beast eventually transformed into a tiger, returning to its original form.

Even though Tigris knew it would be almost impossible to change back into his human form after the transformation, he did not have much of a choice then.

After letting out a furious roar, Tigris spat a burst of spiritual energy out of his mouth, sending it straight toward Jared.


The energy exploded as soon as it came into contact with Jared, who kept his body surrounded by golden light perfectly still instead of trying to evade the assault.

“How… is that possible?” Tigris was utterly taken aback by what had happened before his eyes.

“Do you think you’re a match for me just because you’ve transformed back into an animal?” scoffed Jared before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

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