The Mans Decree Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584 Illusion

The shield before him shattered, then a powerful force hit his palm, tearing through his skin. As Tigris watched the blood pour out of his hand, he staggered backward in shock.

Meanwhile, Jared felt his confidence grow after that successful strike. “You punk, I’m going to mess with you real good today!”

With that, Tigris’ human head transformed back into a tiger head. Following the roar of a beast, his entire body glowed in black. The light became brighter that it almost overshadowed the golden radiance coming from Jared.

Darkness covered the whole land and brought with it a horrifying, ominous feeling of death. Jared scowled when he felt the sharp shift in the atmosphere.

He pulled out his Dragonslayer Sword, which was covered in the bright flames of the spiritual fire.

Since he had never encountered such an aura before, he could only utilize the spiritual fire and see if it could suppress the harrowing aura of death.

Slowly, Tigris lifted his hands. A black sphere filled with lightning hovered between them, and it emitted a strong gravitational pull that could seemingly suck out the life of every living thing around it.

As a frightening wave of energy came for Jared, he tightened his grip on the sword with a grim face.

Tigris is a Manifestor, after all. Just a few moves are not enough to defeat him.

Like a grim reaper, Tigris levitated into the pitch-dark sky.

“Go to hell.”

Then he hurled the black sphere of menacing energy at Jared.


The entire island was shrouded in a ghastly and suffocating air of death.

Being the one experiencing Tigris’ murderous aura firsthand, Jared felt as if countless grim reapers were wielding their scythes at him.

His instincts told him to back off, but he clenched his jaw and stood his ground.

Next, he started to chant. The spiritual fire on his Dragonslayer Sword grew stronger while streams of spiritual energy were infused into the sword, further fanning the flames.

The Dragonslayer Sword began to hum and tremble as if it could not wait any longer.

“Nine Shadows Godly Strike!” Jared screamed.

In an instant, four figures who looked exactly like him appeared around the spot where he stood.

There were now five Jareds, each holding a Dragonslayer Sword.

Upon witnessing the scene before him, Tigris chuckled scornfully. “Ha! I can’t believe you have the guts to use those lousy illusions in front of me.”

Ignoring him, Jared brought down the Dragonslayer Sword in his hands.

Immediately, a bright light flashed from its blade.

Five streaks of sword energy shot out and ultimately came together, quivering with extreme force.

In fact, even Jared’s hands that were holding the Dragonslayer Sword were shaking.

At the same time, the four phantom Jareds vanished from sight.

This move consumed half of Jared’s spiritual energy, so he could barely hold himself up and continue to command Nine Shadows Godly Strike.

The huge ball of spiritual fire from his sword energy clashed against Tigris’ black sphere, wrapping around it completely.

Crackle! Crackle!

Assaulted by the flames, the black sphere stopped moving toward Jared. He had used just one move with his sword to fend off the sphere.

Tigris waved his hand to take back the sphere when he saw what was going on, but at the sight of the meter-tall flames surrounding it, he couldn’t help but fear getting scorched.

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