The Mans Decree Chapter 1580

Chapter 1580 Vanish

The statue greedily absorbed the spiritual energy from the ball of light. Noticing that, Jared used his body to cut off the stream of spiritual energy between the statue and the ball of light.

An enormous burst of energy hit Jared and surged rapidly into his body. The surge of energy was even more violent than the energy released when the gemstone shattered.

Soon, Jared’s elixir field and every part of his body were filled to their brims with spiritual energy, but the energy from the ball of light did not stop gushing in.

He felt as if he was about to burst. His body expanded in size, and cracks even started appearing on his skin. “Ugh!” Jared bellowed.

He could feel countless explosions going off in his body. Meanwhile, Tigris’ aura had also changed drastically, and his cultivation level was reaching the Manifestor stage.

Soon, a massive wave of energy caused Tigris’ body to instantly transform. His terrifying tiger head slowly disappeared, replaced by a young man’s face.

Due to that strong wave of energy, the ball of light shrunk, and Jared finally got the chance to take a break from all the energy rushing into him.

“Haha! I reached a new cultivation level!”

Tigris touched his face and bowed before the statue.

“Master, I swear to follow you my entire life and help you reincarnate!” he declared and stared greedily at the ball of light hanging in the air.

To Tigris, who had just reached Manifestor level, that immense energy could help him improve efficiently.

Jared’s face darkened considerably when he sensed the change in Tigris’ aura.

Noticing Tigris’ hungry look, Jared knew he couldn’t let Tigris suck all the spiritual energy in that ball of light.

Otherwise, no one in Encanta Island, or even the whole world, could stop Tigris.

Gritting his teeth, Jared stared intently at the ball of light filled with spiritual energy. A glint of fiery determination emerged in his eyes before he charged toward it.

I will use my body to make that ball of light explode! I must not let him get his hands on that power!

Instantly, he was swallowed by the ball of light.

Dazzling streaks of light burst forth, completely enveloping Jared’s body.

At that moment, Jared’s body was continuously twisting and contorting, as if he had entered another dimension.

He had long lost consciousness from the agonizing torture ravaging his body.

If not for his strong physique, he would have been torn into pieces already.

A vast amount of spiritual energy rushed into Jared’s body endlessly.

His body expanded as blood seeped out of his skin, coloring him scarlet.


A loud explosion sounded, and all the light dissipated. There was not a sliver of spiritual energy left in the air.

However, Jared had also disappeared.

“What a shame.”

Tigris shook his head in disappointment, but it wasn’t because he had lost the chance of obtaining all that spiritual energy, for he could always gain it from the inhabitants of Encanta Island.

Instead, he was disappointed that Jared’s powerful physical body, Golden Dragon’s True Form, was lost forever, for it was a rare, precious treasure.

Someone with Golden Dragon’s True Form was rare even among the Draconians.

Peace was restored on Encanta Island when the light enveloping the island disappeared, and everyone returned to work.

To them, the scene just now was nothing but a marvelous spectacle.

However, Norm, who saw everything clearly, was utterly stunned.

The battle he saw completely blew his mind.

All those years in Encanta Island, he had thought that Diego’s Nascent Soul level was the peak of spiritual energy cultivation.

However, Jared, also a Nascent Soul, had been turned into dust and vanished.

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