The Mans Decree Chapter 1575

Chapter 1575 Scrap Metal

Jared struggled furiously, but still, he couldn’t break free. He could feel the grip of the Luminescence Chain tighten with every struggle.

“Haha! You can’t escape the Dragon Restraining Shackles even if you’re a real dragon!” Tigris burst into laughter as he slowly descended from midair and shot Jared a smug look.

Jared’s gaze zeroed in on the scepter in Tigris’ grasp. He noticed that Tigris’ own capabilities weren’t that powerful and that he would use the scepter each time he attacked. Jared was sure the source of the scepter’s power came from the embedded gemstone.

The scepter will lose its power if I destroy the gemstone. This tiger demon is nothing to be feared without his scepter! Tigris didn’t know what was going through Jared’s mind as he walked up to Jared with a malicious grin.

“It had been thousands of years, and I never thought I would get to witness the Golden Dragon’s True Form. It’s so perfect!”

Tigris’ eyes were filled with greed while he fixed his gaze on Jared like a single man looking at a widowed woman.

Jared made a move when Tigris let his guard down. A golden glow flashed.

Instantly, a long cut stretched across Tigris’ chest.

Red, hot blood spurted from the wound. The massive force behind Jared’s attack sent Tigris flying backward.

Tigris was shocked as he looked up at the hovering magic sword in front of him.

The magic sword was emitting a hazy glow and a thick aura.

Jared controlled the sword with his mind and sent it slashing through the Luminescence Chain that was restraining him.

With a stretch of his hand, the Dragonslayer Sword returned to Jared’s grasp.

“You have a spiritual sword?” Tigris’ eyes widened with surprise. “Unfortunately, the sword spirit still hasn’t developed sentience, so it’s nothing more than scrap metal! I’ll kill you for hurting me!”

He waved the scepter in Jared’s direction, sending a blast of power toward Jared.

Jared immediately held up his sword to parry, but the devastating force hurled him backward, causing him to crash heavily on the ground.

He then slowly got to his feet and wiped away the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth. “As I expected, the scepter’s power lies in the—”

Wave after wave of terrifying aura stormed toward Jared before his mind could process the oncoming attack. Each wave was fast as lightning.

He couldn’t even get a chance to catch his breath. The barrage of attacks kept on coming as though the power of the scepter was infinite.


Jared got hit by a dozen of heavy blows continuously.

The all-out bombardment was evidence of Tigris’ anger from getting injured by Jared.

Jared slowly got up to his feet again. Even though his Golem Body was gone, he still took all the attacks with his physical body.

“What a rare body! I have no idea how you can cultivate it to this extent in such a terrible environment,” Tigris lamented.

Jared kept silent as he tried to find an opportunity. When he caught Tigris letting his guard down, he promptly leaped into the air.


He was fast as he abruptly waved the Dragonslayer Sword in his hand.

“Nine Shadows, the first cut…”

A frightening sword energy blasted toward Tigris in every direction followed by swooshing noises.

However, the attack wasn’t aimed at Tigris but at the scepter in his hand.

Taken aback, Tigris urgently retreated.

“You’re familiar with the Nine Shadows! That’s the ultimate move that made the God of Swords famous!”

Tigris waved his scepter as he stepped back, launching wave after wave of aura to stop the incoming attack.

However, the sword energy that Jared released had a sharp and dense murderous intent.

Despite the several consecutive auras Tigris released, not a single one managed to stop the sword energy’s advance.


An ear-splitting sound erupted from the collision, and sparks flew.

The sword energy slammed into the scepter furiously and released a blinding glow.

The immense force shook Tigris’ hands numb, nearly causing him to release his grip on the scepter.

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