The Mans Decree Chapter 1572

Chapter 1572 Big Bad Tiger

It was plain that Tigris did not wish to harm Jared but instead wanted to control him and obtain his physical body. The imprint began to spread rapidly within the latter’s mind upon entering his body as if to control his thoughts.

Jared smirked. A burst of golden light flashed across his subconscious and instantaneously subdued the imprint. Tigris’ scowl became more pronounced than ever.

“Who the h*ll are you? How is your spiritual sense this powerful?” he asked with astonishment. “This isn’t possible in this day and age.”

“Who I am is not important. The pertinent question is who you are. Why did you consume the islanders’ spiritual sense using those stone statues? What is your purpose for doing so?” Jared interrogated Tigris sternly.

Tigris’ eyes widened. “How do you know all of that? Yes, everybody here gave me their powers. I taught them to harness their spiritual energy to prepare them for a journey of cultivation. I also have rid them of disease and added decades to their lives. Why shouldn’t I absorb some of their spiritual energy in return? I am a god here. Everything they have belongs to me.”

A faint glow began to appear around Tigris following those words. Terrell and Norm fell to their knees at that sight and pressed their foreheads to the ground in reverence.

Jared, however, scoffed. “There’s no way a demon beast like you can have such power. Stop tooting your own horn and tell me who is really behind this.” “How dare you claim that I, an immortal, am a demon beast!” Tigris raged.

“You are a bold one, Jared,” Terrell admonished. “It is only by the grace of Tigris that we have all that we do here. He is the deity on Encanta Island, and I can prove it. Things will only end one way for you if you go against him.”

Jared snorted. “What a joke to worship a talking tiger.” “Insolence! I will show you the true extent of my power for your blasphemy!”

Tigris unleashed his wrath by waving his hand at Jared, attempting to harm him. His body was glowing faintly like an actual divine being. “Is that all you have? I can do that too.”

Following a slight tremor in his body, Jared began to emit a golden light that was much brighter than Tigris’.

Just when Jared was preparing to deflect Tigris’ assault, he discovered a peculiar magnetic quality to his opponent’s strike, which caused the spiritual energy within him to boil uncontrollably.

“By consuming your power, I can finally attain the Manifestor stage and become truly human!” A vortex appeared in Tigris’ palm and began absorbing Jared’s spiritual energy.

Just when the spiritual energy within Jared’s elixir field lost control and was about to explode, the draconic essence on his chest suddenly flashed.

Coursing through him like a storm, the Power of Dragons subdued his broiling spiritual energy in an instant. Tigris was flabbergasted by the complete ineffectiveness of his magecraft and the fact that Jared was completely unaffected.

“How could this be?” He frowned in consternation. As a glint flashed past his eyes, Tigris sent his spiritual sense toward Jared with the intention of ascertaining his opponent’s true identity.

However, the golden light around Jared flickered and parried Tigris’ spiritual sense the moment it shot outward.

Upon witnessing the inefficacy of his spiritual sense, Tigris took two steps backward and let out a roar that sounded more beast than man.

Then, he grabbed his scepter. The gemstone adorning it began to emit a blinding light, illuminating the entire residence. Enveloped by the light, Jared was unable to avoid it.

He tried using his golden glow to force back the light threatening to consume him, but despite his best attempts, his golden glow appeared dim in comparison to the luminescent onslaught.

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