The Mans Decree Chapter 1532

Chapter 1532 Useless

“Where would you like to go? I can send you.” Fernando also knew Jared couldn’t stay in the Gunderson residence for the rest of his life.

Jared pondered for a moment and answered, “I need to go to the Department of Justice to see Mr. Sanders.”

Fernando knew why Jared needed to see Arthur. After all, the only person in Jadeborough who’s able to help Jared is Mr. Sanders.

“Sure! I’ll send you there!” Fernando nodded and said to Astrid, “Astrid, get the car ready.”

Soon, a luxurious Rolls-Royce was seen leaving the Gunderson residence. The curtains in the car were drawn, so no one could see the people inside.

The moment the car left the Gunderson residence, someone followed it from behind discreetly and phoned Zion.

Zion furrowed his brows upon receiving that phone call. “Follow them closely. As long as they don’t leave Jadeborough, it’s fine…”

With that, Zion went straight to the dungeon.

At the end of the dungeon, Gilbert slowly lifted his head and smiled. “Are you here to beg for my help?” he asked.

Zion shook his head and answered, “I came to offer you a chance to leave this place.”

Gilbert’s smile grew wider when he saw Zion’s expression.

“After so many years, I like the way you always try to act cool the most.” With that, Gilbert slowly rose to his feet. After that, he grabbed the metal bars and exerted force. With little to no effort, he broke those bars and walked out of his cell.

Zion was utterly stunned when he saw that. In fact, he widened his eyes so much that they almost popped out of his skull.

“What… You…” Zion was having trouble forming his sentence.

“Are you asking me why the arcane array is useless against me?” Gilbert sneered.

Although Zion was keeping mum, he looked like he was dying to know the answer to Gilbert’s question. How is it possible? Why is the dungeon’s arcane array useless against Gilbert? The arcane array in this dungeon was set up by someone skilled in magecraft a few hundred years ago, so how did he break it so easily?

“Let me be honest with you. The arcane array here has never worked on me over the past twenty-odd years. I just didn’t want to leave. I’ve been thinking about it for the past decade, but I still don’t know how to achieve the rank of Greater Martial Arts Marquis. Therefore, I would like to leave to try my luck out there. Still, thank you for taking care of me over the past twenty-odd years. I’m willing to do you a favor, and that’s it. After that, we’re even,” Gilbert explained.

Zion gulped when he heard that. Who would’ve known that Gilbert had already achieved Top Level Martial Arts Marquis more than a decade ago? Once he leaves this place, the Demonic Cultivators in the martial arts world are going to be rekindled from the ashes! However, I don’t care about that. Fists speak louder than anything else in this society. All I need to do is keep getting stronger!

“I need you to kill someone for me,” Zion said.

“Give me his information.” Gilbert didn’t even bother asking for a name.

“Okay!” Zion breathed a sigh of relief inwardly when he saw how confident Gilbert was. Gilbert is a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis! There’s no way Jared is getting out of this alive!

Soon after that, Zion gave Jared’s information to Gilbert. Gilbert was frowning when he saw Jared’s details.

“A spiritual energy cultivator?” Gilbert blurted.

“Yes!” Zion nodded.

Gilbert’s eyes were blazing when he said, “This guy started from nothing but achieved the Nascent Soul phase within a year! What a genius. We have so little spiritual energy around. How did this fellow cultivate? It seems like this person has some untold secrets. Who knows? He might be useful to me…”

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