The Mans Decree Chapter 1531

Chapter 1531 Neither This Nor That

Jared was stupefied. “One could really become immortal and never die?”

Fernando laughed when he saw Jared’s expression. “Commoners believe that immortals never die, but that’s nonsense. Immortals die, too. How could they possibly live forever? It’s just that immortals can live a long time. Some can even live for tens of thousands of years. I’ve never heard about anyone that has lived since the beginning of time. Frankly, I’ve never met an immortal. I’ve only heard my ancestors talk about them.”

Fernando’s eyes were filled with anticipation when he said that. It seemed like he was fascinated by the possibility of becoming an immortal.

Meanwhile, Jared was still amazed by what he had just heard. If not for Fernando, Jared would’ve never known the secrets of the heavenly realm.

“Mr. Gunderson, what about those evil spirits in the Warriors Alliance? Those four Black Copper Robe warriors who were fighting me were all possessed by evil spirits.” Jared was puzzled. Why are there so many people in the martial arts world possessed by evil spirits all of a sudden?

“Those evil spirits are remnants of perished demons. I heard that there was a war between the gods and the demons back then. The demons were almost wiped out. That being said, some of their spirits are still all over the place until this day! These evil spirits are suddenly possessing humans because they want to rise from the ashes. Soon, I think the entire martial arts world is going to collapse, and a new order will rise…” Fernando’s expression turned grim as he spoke.

Jared also fell into deep thought when he heard that. Sometimes, I feel like I’m living in a trap, and someone is always influencing my every move. Every time I make a move, it’s as if someone planned for it.

Just then, Astrid knocked on the door and barged in.

After she entered, however, Jared and Fernando were nowhere in sight. That was because the men were in another dimension, so she couldn’t see them.

“Dad?” Astrid called out.

Upon hearing that, Fernando waved, and the two of them suddenly appeared before Astrid’s eyes.

Astrid wasn’t at all surprised because she was used to it.

“What’s the matter, Astrid?” Fernando asked.

“Dad, the Warriors Alliance has sent out a lot of people to block all the roads in Jadeborough. Furthermore, I saw quite a lot of strangers roaming around outside the Gunderson residence. I think they’re from the Warriors Alliance. It seems like they know Jared is still in Jadeborough, and they want to stop him from leaving,” Astrid answered.

“Don’t worry about it. They wouldn’t dare to storm the Gunderson residence. Jared is safe here.” Fernando was full of confidence.

However, Jared was frowning because he knew he couldn’t possibly stay in the Gunderson residence forever. His priority was to rescue his mother and Josephine. Be that as it may, he couldn’t help feeling helpless after listening to what Fernando had just told him. With my current strength, I can’t do anything in the heavenly realm. Heck, I already feel so defeated after taking a few hits in the martial arts world! The men the Warriors Alliance sends out every time are mostly stronger than me! This time around, I almost died in the martial arts arena thanks to those four Black Copper Robe warriors they sent. If this goes on, how will I ever be able to rescue my mother and Josephine?

“I can’t stay in the Gunderson residence forever, Mr. Gunderson. There are still things I need to do. I’ll repay your kindness in the future,” Jared uttered in a grateful tone.

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