The Mans Decree Chapter 1530

Chapter 1530 The Secrets Of Heavenly Realm

A look of surprise flashed across Fernando’s eyes when he heard that. “You’re Beatrice’s son?”

Jared looked at Fernando and nodded. “Yes. I heard it from Mr. Deragon. He told me my mother’s name is Beatrice…”

“No wonder! No wonder!” At that moment, Fernando had an epiphany, and it seemed as though he had just figured something out.

Seeing that, Jared quickly asked, “Mr. Gunderson, could it be that you know about my mother?”

“I know a bit about her, but I don’t know anything about your father. Back then, a lot of people knew about your mother. That was why Violet Cloud Palace was enraged and almost wiped the Deragon family out,” Fernando uttered calmly.

Upon hearing Fernando mention Violet Cloud Palace, Jared asked, “Mr. Gunderson, could you tell me about Violet Cloud Palace?”

Fernando glanced at Jared before asking, “Do you not know anything about the heavenly realm?”

“I don’t.” Jared shook his head.

Fernando was slightly surprised. Instead of saying something in response, he looked outside and waved his hand.

All of a sudden, a secret space appeared, and Jared and Fernando seemed to have been transported to another place.

It worked like Jared’s Thousands of Miles Away in terms of teleportation.

However, Thousands of Miles Away could merely transport a person’s spiritual sense instead of physical teleportation.

Yet, the secret space Fernando had just casually created made Jared feel like he had been physically teleported to another dimension.

Jared stared at Fernando in shock. How could someone cast teleportation magecraft so casually? With such a skill, I can easily get out of sticky situations. I won’t even need a teleportation device like Necro Ring anymore.

Fernando saw Jared’s astonishment and flashed a faint smile before saying, “Now, let me tell you the secrets of the heavenly realm. In truth, the Gunderson family is a sect that has been practicing spiritual energy cultivation ever since thousands of years ago. A lot of sects like mine disappeared over time due to the lack of spiritual energy. Some of them went to another dimension, while some stayed behind and went into hiding. The ones that stayed are stronger than you could ever imagine. The geniuses, prestigious families, and sects in the martial arts world are nothing in the eyes of sects that practice spiritual energy cultivation.

“Due to the depletion of spiritual energy, martial arts cultivation grew more common, so the sects practicing spiritual energy cultivation had no choice but to stay hidden. These sects no longer bother themselves with what’s happening around the world and don’t get into conflicts with the martial arts world. After all, there’s a lack of spiritual energy, so we would need a long time to recover if we were to fight. Therefore, a lot of great spiritual energy cultivators have gradually declined with the changing of the times before eventually disappearing altogether.”

“Mr. Gunderson, since you’re a spiritual energy cultivator, does it mean the Gunderson family is also a secluded sect? I’ve met other spiritual energy cultivators before, though. How could that be?” Jared furrowed his brows.

Before Fernando, Jared had met Diego and Flaxseed. Those two were definitely spiritual energy cultivators.

Besides, Diego had even reached the Nascent Soul phase, and his strength was considered outstanding.

“How could it not be?” Fernando smiled faintly. “Although a lot of those sects are in hiding, they still have representatives in this society. For example, the Gunderson family is one of the representatives living in society. Ever since my grandfather’s generation, we’ve been getting along with everyone else and developing conventionally. However, our principle is that we would never have any entanglements or disputes with the martial arts world. That’s how the Gunderson family has been able to stay out of trouble. Some rogue cultivators out there are still refusing to stay secluded. They either blend in with society or find a remote area with rich spiritual energy to continue cultivating. Needless to say, no matter how hard these rogue cultivators cultivate, they’ll never become a true immortal.”

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