The Mans Decree Chapter 1528

Chapter 1528 The Plot Thickens

“My initial intention was to kill him, but the Dunn and Gunderson families got in the way, preventing me from doing so,” Zion explained.

“What? The Gunderson family is protecting him too?” The news took Skylar by surprise. “Aren’t they supposed to remain above the fray with regard to the conflicts of the martial arts world? Why are they standing against the Warriors Alliance for Jared’s sake?”

“Mr. Gunderson accused the Warriors Alliance of harming his daughter. Once he has completed his investigation, he will personally exact revenge on us.”

As the words left Zion’s mouth, his eyes were fixed intently on Skylar, for he knew that the latter was the culprit.

Why did he have to offend the Gunderson family by doing something like that?

Just as expected, a minute change flashed across Skylar’s face, but he quickly recovered his composure.

“President Zeigler, Jared would definitely not leave Jadeborough now that he’s grievously injured. Therefore, we should scour every inch of the city to hunt him down.”

Skylar attempted to shift the conversation away from the Gunderson family.

“Do you realize how big Jadeborough is? Where are we going to find him? If we’re lucky, he’ll hide at the Dunn residence. However, what if he’s at the Department of Justice or the Gunderson residence? Are we going to demand that they release him?” Zion questioned.

“Regardless of where he’s hiding, I can deal with him as long as he’s in Jadeborough. I’ll request our superiors to send another team of elite warriors over. If that isn’t enough, we’ll get them to send a Black Silver Robe warrior. Let’s see if Jared can still escape then.”

A vicious glint flashed across Skylar’s eyes. He wasn’t going to rest until Jared was dead.

“Let’s not report the matter up the chain first. Otherwise, it will end badly for all of us. I’ll figure something out in the meantime.”

Zion, as President, was well aware that their superiors were upset with his repeated failure.

In fact, he was at risk of being removed from his position.

Nonetheless, he still had an ace up his sleeve—Gilbert. By releasing the latter, Jared’s death would be assured.

“Fine. I’ll refrain from doing so for the time being. If you still fail to take him out, don’t blame me for telling them the truth.”

With that, Skylar turned and left.

As for the three remaining Black Copper Robe warriors, they exchanged glances among themselves. It wasn’t lost upon them that they were all in the same predicament. If they failed to take Jared’s life still, all of them would be as good as dead.

Meanwhile, at the Department of Justice, Arthur was closely monitoring the events of the martial arts arena even though he had claimed he would not involve himself in Jared’s affairs.

Xavier had returned to report the matter after gathering all the required information.

Arthur, upon learning that Fernando had made enemies of the Warriors Alliance on Jared’s account, was visibly surprised.

“The Gunderson family actually stood up for him?”

Arthur’s brows furrowed slightly. “I wonder if the decision to save Jared was Fernando’s or Old Mr. Gunderson’s.”

“Mr. Sanders, Fernando said so himself that he has beef with the Warriors Alliance because they harmed his daughter,” Xavier explained.

Arthur stared at Xavier and asked, “Do you buy it?”

Instead of saying a word, Xavier responded by shaking his head.

Arthur continued, “When Fernando’s wife was killed in the conflict within the martial arts world, the Gunderson family didn’t even show themselves. Do you actually think he would take on the Warriors Alliance for his daughter’s sake?”

“In that case, why did he save Jared? Does he have some kind of agenda that caused him to break his family’s age-old taboo?” the baffled Xavier asked.

Arthur pondered a moment. “I have no idea what his reason is, but things are getting interesting with all these reclusive men surfacing in the world.”

“What’s going to happen to Jared? He’s still at the Gunderson residence. Will he be in danger?” Xavier asked since Arthur couldn’t tell what the Gunderson family’s intention was.

“No. Fernando is not going to kill him after deciding to save his life. You should continue monitoring the developments of the martial arts world, but remember, do not interfere. Just remain in the shadows.”

As Arthur narrowed his eyes, a piercing glint flashed across them. It was as if nothing was capable of escaping his attention.

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