The Mans Decree Chapter 1525

Chapter 1525 Utterly Shameless

Tension began to rise in the air as a massive battle was on the brink of breaking out.

“President Zeigler, now that your chosen fighters have fled after failing to defeat Jared, isn’t it unbecoming of you to try and kill him while he’s unconscious?”

As the tension reached its peak, a nonchalant voice heralded Fernando’s arrival at the arena.

Standing in the center, he wore an indiscernible smirk on his face.

“Mr. Gunderson, what are you trying to say?” Zion demanded with a frown.

“Nothing in particular. I just feel that your actions have disgraced the martial arts world of Jadeborough,” Fernando flatly replied.


Despite the scowl on his face, Zion didn’t dare make a move on Fernando. Instead, he questioned, “Mr. Gunderson, the Gunderson family has never gotten involved in the matters of the martial arts world, so why are you standing up for Jared today? Do you really want your family to be embroiled in battle by challenging the Warriors Alliance? My advice to you is to play it safe. Do you want the Gunderson family’s glorious reputation to be ruined in your hands?”

Just as Zion finished, the smile on Fernando’s face was replaced by a frosty stare.

“The Gunderson family has no intention of making enemies of the Warriors Alliance nor covet any of its resources. However, don’t assume that I’m not aware of the despicable move you made against my daughter just to sow discord between the Gunderson and Dunn families. Once I get my hands on the evidence, your head will be the first to roll!”

Fernando’s words sent a chill down Zion’s spine.

Even though Zion was oblivious to what happened, he could tell from the look on Fernando’s face that Skylar must have done something to Astrid.

“Mr. Gunderson, there might have been a misunderstanding. I’ll definitely provide you with a proper explanation for it. However, I hope that you will not interfere in today’s matter. To go against the Warriors Alliance is of no benefit to you. If you still want to live peacefully in seclusion, you had better back down.”

Zion persuaded Fernando by using the carrot and stick approach, hoping that the latter wouldn’t get in his way when this was the best opportunity to kill Jared.

In the event Fernando was adamant, the chance would naturally be wasted.

“What if I insist on getting involved?”

Fernando’s piercing gaze carried a hint of murderous intent.


Zion was rendered speechless, his face turning red as he gritted his teeth.

He was well aware that he was no match against Lachlan and Fernando combined.

Not only would he and Edgar have trouble dealing with the duo, but they were also at risk of being attacked by Astrid, who was eyeing them like a predator.

“Howard, take Jared away,” Fernando ordered.

Despite being stunned momentarily, Howard quickly loaded Jared on his back.

Eyes wide in anger at the development, Edgar threw his hand forward, unleashing a black mist in Jared’s direction.

He couldn’t stand idly by and watch Jared being taken away, thus wasting a golden opportunity.

“How dare you!”

Amidst a furrow of his brows, Fernando responded with a gentle wave of his hand.

As a terrifying aura shot in Edgar’s direction, the black mist dissipated instantly, vanishing into thin air.

Following that, Edgar—given no time to evade—was sent flying by the powerful impact.

Nonetheless, when he climbed back to his feet, he found himself largely unscathed. Evidently, Fernando’s strike was devoid of killing intent.

“If you dare make another move, it won’t matter if you’re the scion of the Deragon family—your life will be next!”

The glowering Fernando made the disdain he harbored for the Deragon family obvious in his tone.

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