The Mans Decree Chapter 1509

Chapter 1509 A Misunderstanding

“Ryker is the only one who can open the dungeon where my mother is locked up in. If Ryker doesn’t return now, my mother is going to starve,” Jared said.

“I can only say, be careful. You know the Warriors Alliance and the Deragon family are out for your blood. I’m sure they won’t miss the opportunity to harm you when you are there for the exchange…” Rayleigh reminded.

“I know.” Jared nodded. After saying his goodbyes, Jared departed for Jadeborough alone.

Meanwhile, at the Dunn residence in Jadeborough, Astrid was facing Howard with a magic sword in her hand. Fury was evident on her face.

Fernando had tried to stop them, but he couldn’t stop Astrid from taking revenge on the Dunn family. “Ms. Gunderson, what did I do to you for you to attack me again and again?”

Howard was troubled. He did not know when he had offended Astrid. “You animal! Stop pretending! I swear I’ll kill you today and end myself after that. I’ll never live like this!”

Enraged, Astrid stabbed straight forward at Howard with her sword.

Howard was not Astrid’s match. As the sword strike burst out, the intense rays engulfed the entire Dunn residence.

If this strike ever hit Howard, he could never survive.


Suddenly, a loud sound rang through the air, and Lachlan stood in front of Howard, blocking Astrid’s sword.

“Ms. Gunderson, what did Howard do that made you so adamant about killing him? Please tell me. I will never let him off easily if he has done something bad. Let me apologize to you on his behalf, Ms. Gunderson…” Lachlan said politely to Astrid.

Lachlan did not want to have a falling-out with the Gunderson family. After all, all martial arts families in Jadeborough had joined the Warriors Alliance, except for the Dunn family. They were actually ostracized.

If they had a falling-out now, the Dunn family would lose all influence in Jadeborough.

“You should ask your darling son what exactly he has done. Since he had the guts to do that to me, he should have the courage to tell everyone!”

As a girl, Astrid was not comfortable telling him what had happened.

Turning to look at Howard, Lachlan asked, “Howard, what exactly did you do to Ms. Gunderson?”

“Dad, how many times do I have to tell you? I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do anything to her! I don’t know why she keeps hounding me…” Howard cried in frustration.

Lachlan looked at his visibly distressed son. Howard did not seem to be lying.

“Ms. Gunderson, there must be a misunderstanding somewhere. I don’t think my son is lying…” Lachlan said softly to her.

“So, you mean I’m being unreasonable? That I’m lying?” Astrid frowned.

“No, no, not at all. I didn’t mean that. I just think that there could be a misunderstanding…” Lachlan hastily waved his hands in disagreement.

“There is no misunderstanding. Your animal of a son drugged and violated me! I’m going to kill him today!”

After she said that, her aura intensified, and her sword started to emit a strong light.

Then she did a slash, and a sharp and domineering sword energy headed straight for Howard and Lachlan.

Instantly, the slash arrived before them, creating a deep groove in the ground.

The next moment, the ground under Lachlan’s feet shook, and several earthen walls rose up, blocking the sword energy completely.

Despite blocking Astrid’s attack, Lachlan did not move against Astrid because he did not want to antagonize the Gunderson family.

Grimacing, she attacked yet again, slashing several more times, and a dozen of those sword energies burst forth from her sword.

A frown appeared on Lachlan’s brows. His aura intensified, and a visible shield wrapped around him and his son.

Right before the sword energy could hit them, a golden light broke her attack.

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