The Mans Decree Chapter 1499

Chapter 1499 Someone Appeared

“Father, let’s go back.” Edgar was interested in meeting the black-robed man. He wanted to know if he was Gilbert Feigenbaum.

“Take them. We’ll hurry back right away,” Edgar said to the fighters as he pointed at Rayleigh and The Villainous Four.

Rayleigh and The Villainous Four were soon restrained and taken to the Deragon residence.

However, not long after they started their trip back to the residence, someone appeared and stopped them from going any further.

Edgar narrowed his eyes as a somber look crept onto his face.

At the same time, the fighters turned ashen when they registered the person standing in front of them.

The man in front of them was clad in a black robe and a hat. It was none other than the black-robed man who had barged into the Deragon residence.

“It’s him! He was the one who forced his way in!” one of the fighters yelled as he jabbed a finger at Jared.

Ryker immediately tensed up. It would be troublesome if the person in front of him was Gilbert Feigenbaum.

“Buddy, can you tell us your name and why you’re standing in our way?” Ryker asked Jared politely as he took a step forward.

Jared glared at the Ryker and Edgar as wrath overwhelmed his senses.

“Let them go,” he snarled.

Ryker froze. He did not know what Jared was talking about. “These are the Deragons’ enemies. Do you know them?”

This time, Jared did not say anything. He abruptly disappeared before reappearing in front of Rayleigh and the others.

The two fighters who had been restraining Rayleigh and The Villainous Four felt a cold feeling wrapping around their necks. Right after that, their heads were thrown into the air. They could even see their bodies move when their heads were chopped off.

Ryker and Edgar were stupefied by the sudden turn of events, while Rayleigh widened his eyes at the black-robed man in front of him.

The two slaughtered fighters were Martial Arts Marquises. Although they had just reached that rank, they were not any weaker than other Martial Arts Marquises. Yet, they had both been dealt with in mere seconds.

The Villainous Four knew that the man in front of them was Jared, and they were stunned by the prowess Jared had displayed.

“You asked for it…”

Edgar was filled with rage when he saw the black-robed man murdering two of his family’s fighters without hesitation, and he moved to fight him.

However, Ryker stopped him and gave him a look. As he suppressed the rising fury in him, he stepped forward and asked, “Who are you, and what grudge do you bear against the Deragons? Why did you kill my family’s fighters?”

Ryker had to tamp down his anger and make sure not to do anything rash before figuring out the other man’s identity.

Jared slowly turned around to look at Ryker icily. “This world ain’t big enough for the Deragon family and me. Either one of us must perish.”

As he said that, he took off his hat.

“Jared Chance!”

“It’s Jared…”

Ryker and Edgar cried out Jared’s name in unison the moment they saw his face.

They could not bring themselves to believe that Jared was the black-robed man who had decimated dozens of sects and families in the martial arts world of Jadeborough.

Shouldn’t he be dead? Why is he alive in front of us right now? Didn’t he die in Bliss City?

The questions echoed in Ryker’s and Edgar’s minds.

Meanwhile, Rayleigh was so thrilled that tears escaped his eyes when he realized Jared was still alive.

“Jared, y-you’re still alive. Thank goodness! Thank goodness!”

He stepped forward to hug Jared tightly.

“Yes, Mr. Deragon. I’m alive and well,” Jared consoled, feeling touched by Rayleigh’s reaction.

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