The Mans Decree Chapter 1497

Chapter 1497 Traitor

On the top of a mountain near Medicine God Sect, Ryker started, “Who would have thought that you would dare to meet me after so many years, Rayleigh?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Rayleigh scoffed as he faced Ryker and Edgar fearlessly.

“You traitor, if not for us, the Deragon family, you would have died in the wild!” Ryker bellowed.

“Ms. Beatrice was the one who saved me. What does that have to do with you Deragons?” Rayleigh retorted. “You inhumane scoundrel, you killed your own father and imprisoned your sister for over two decades. Aren’t you afraid of karma?”

“Karma? I never believed in those things. Since you’re here with a death wish, I’ll gladly fulfill it…”

Without another word, Ryker raised his palm and brought it down on Rayleigh.

As Rayleigh felt a gust of wind, he closed his eyes instead of dodging, awaiting his death!

After all, he was now an ordinary man who could not strike back.

Rayleigh was mentally prepared to die. His last wish was for The Villainous Four to rescue Renee successfully and bring her to safety. That way, his death wouldn’t be in vain.

Just as Rayleigh felt the gust of wind in front of him, four shadows suddenly appeared and shielded him. It was none other than The Villainous Four.

The Villainous Four formed a shield with their glowing hands, blocking Ryker’s gust of wind.

“The Villainous Four?”

Ryker frowned at the sight of The Villainous Four, who appeared out of nowhere.

When Rayleigh saw that The Villainous Four were back so soon, he became worried.

“Did you manage to save Renee?” Rayleigh asked nervously.

“Don’t worry. Someone else has gone to Ms. Renee’s rescue. The four of us are here to protect you,” Oakley said to Rayleigh.

“The four of you are no match for Ryker and Edgar. Rather than sacrificing your lives, you might as well let me die alone…”

Rayleigh didn’t want The Villainous Four to risk their lives together with him.

“Our mission is to protect you. We’ll never leave you unless we die!” Oakley declared firmly. Then, turning around to Quad, he ordered, “Quad, bring Mr. Rayleigh out of here and protect him. We’ll catch up with you in a while.”

Quad nodded his head and proceeded to bring Rayleigh out. However, an indescribable feeling bubbled up in Rayleigh’s heart.

They were once like brothers. However, The Villainous Four were now being respectful toward him instead of how they had used to treat him.

“Please be careful…”

Rayleigh knew he would only be a burden to them if he stayed because he was now an ordinary man.

Just as Quad prepared to leave with Rayleigh, a chilly wind blew past them, and the next moment, Edgar blocked their exit.

“Since you’ve decided to come here, you can’t leave that easily. Prepare to die…” Edgar taunted scornfully.

“Go, Quad!”

With a loud cry, Oakley threw a punch at Edgar.

The outburst of martial energy from Oakley created ripples of energy in the air. The moment he threw his punch, a puff of white air sliced through the air and headed for Edgar.

At the same time, Travis and Brody charged toward Ryker when Oakley attacked Edgar.

They had to keep Ryker and Edgar busy for Rayleigh to escape.

With a cold snort, Edgar waved his hand casually. Instantly, his hand was surrounded by black mist, which engulfed Oakley’s white martial energy.

As Oakley’s martial energy disappeared in the blink of an eye, the black mist penetrated his body and sent him flying backward.

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