The Mans Decree Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495 An Advanced Arcane Array

Jared could feel the power of the arcane array immediately after the stone gate appeared.

“They set up an arcane array here?” Jared asked in bewilderment.

Even though Jared was within reach of the stone gate, he could not feel the arcane array before the mechanism was activated. He only felt the arcane array after the stone gate appeared.

The arcane array was exceptional. Even with Jared’s current skills, he could not set up such an advanced arcane array.

“This is the Deragon residence’s dungeon. Of course an arcane array would be set up here. Your mother is in the dungeon, but you have to open the stone gate to access it,” Godrick said indifferently.

Jared flinched when he heard the word “mother.” The next second, he held Godrick by the neck and looked into his eyes menacingly.

“How do you know so much?”

Jared was shocked because Godrick’s abilities were inadequate for the Deragons to hold him in high regard. How did he know this secret?

Besides, the secret was only known to Ryker and Edgar.

Godrick’s face turned red as he struggled to breathe under Jared’s restraint. “You’re strangling me. How am I going to explain…”

Godrick was moments away from suffocating to death when Jared finally let go of him. Jared remained his wary gaze on Godrick because his knowledge did not sit well with his capabilities.

“Although I don’t have much power, I come from a branch family of the Deragon family. I have the same bloodline as the other Deragons. It’s not a surprise that I know of their secrets,” Godrick said.

“Why are you helping me, then? Is this a trap?” Jared asked warily.

Why will he help me if he’s one of the Deragon family?

“I’m helping myself by helping you. Now that the Deragon family is coming to an end, I know you will kill Ryker and Edgar sooner or later. When that happens, I will stand a chance to become the head of the Deragon family! You won’t repay my favor with betrayal after I help you, will you? After all, we belong to the same bloodline. I am not as ruthless as Ryker. I don’t wish my younger sister and nephew dead,” Godrick said righteously.

Jared stared at Godrick intently. He wanted to see if Godrick was speaking the truth, but he couldn’t tell if the latter was sincere from his expression.

Regardless of what Godrick said, Jared intended to give it a try to save his mother.

He took a deep breath. A golden light flashed from his hand, and he slammed his palm onto the stone gate.


A beam of light flashed through the sky, and Jared was thrown back by a huge force of energy.

He stared at the stone gate in disbelief because he didn’t expect the arcane array to be so powerful.

“This arcane array was set up by the Deragon family’s ancestors a few centuries ago. It cannot be opened easily. Out of all the Deragons, only Ryker can open it. To enter the dungeon, I have to report to him every time,” Godrick said.

Instead of replying, Jared took out his Dragonslayer Sword and approached the stone gate again.

With a deep breath, he imbued the Power of Dragons into the Dragonslayer Sword.


A blinding light emitted from the sword. At the same time, the sword started to tremble.


With a thunderous roar, Jared brought the Dragonslayer Sword down.

The sound was deafening, and the powerful aftershock caused Jared to stumble a few steps back. Godrick, who was standing aside, was thrown backward and slammed heavily against the wall.

Jared frowned as he observed the stone gate. Not even a trace was inflicted on it. The arcane array was far more powerful than he had expected. It seemed impossible to break the arcane array.

At that moment, Beatrice sensed something in the dungeon. A hint of excitement flashed across her eyes as she stared intently at the entrance of the dungeon.

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