The Mans Decree Chapter 1494

Chapter 1494 Are You Not Afraid Of Me

The higher-up’s throat was instantly slit by a ray of light resembling a flash of lightning. In the blink of an eye, his head was flung into the air before rolling to the side.

Blood spurted everywhere. The higher-up’s body froze for a moment before falling forward.

The remaining Deragons were appalled by what had just happened. The smell of blood filled the air, and the atmosphere made their hair stand on end.

To think that a Martial Arts Marquis didn’t stand a chance against the black-robed man!

Horror spread within the Deragons instantly because they now believed the rumors that the black-robed man was Gilbert Feigenbaum, who had disappeared for more than two decades.

Some of the Martial Arts Marquises started to tremble in fear and could barely hold their weapons. Even though they outnumbered the black-robed man with more than ten of them, they were terrified of Gilbert’s reputation.

Glancing coldly at the Martial Arts Marquises in the Deragon residence, Jared said, “Get lost now if you don’t have a death wish…”

The Martial Arts Marquises exchanged glances uneasily because they were confused. Isn’t he here to wipe out the Deragon family? Why would he let us escape? The other sects and prestigious families were completely wiped out without mercy.

The Martial Arts Marquises stood still, so Jared repeated, “Get lost before I change my mind…”

Jared’s words sounded like a thunderclap.

Having been jolted awake, one of the Martial Arts Marquises leaped up and left the Deragon residence.

Once someone made the first move, the others followed. Jared quietly watched them flee instead of striking.

Seconds later, all the Martial Arts Marquises were gone. Other than the headless corpse on the floor, there was no one to be seen.

The servants in the Deragon residence were nowhere to be found as well.

Jared immediately used his spiritual sense to look for Renee. At the same time, he wanted to find his mother.

Although he had never met his mother, he was confident that he could recognize her as long as he could sense her presence.

Just as Jared was using his spiritual sense, he suddenly looked at a corner with a cold and sharp gaze. “Show yourself!”

Godrick walked out of the corner. He didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

When Jared realized it was Godrick, he was surprised because he knew him from their first encounter on Dragon Island.

However, Godrick’s martial arts ability didn’t seem to have improved a great deal although it had been months.

Godrick looked like an insignificant insect in front of Jared, who could crush him with ease.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?”

Jared was curious because Godrick didn’t look intimidated by him at all.

The Martial Arts Marquises had fled in fear upon seeing him, but Godrick was brave enough to face him.

Godrick shook his head. “I know you’re here to find someone, and I know where the person is…”

Jared frowned. “You know who I am?”

Godrick smiled. “I didn’t know just now, but now I do…”

“Since you know where the person I’m looking for is, bring me to her. You better not pull any tricks on me; otherwise, you’ll face the consequences,” Jared warned coldly.

“Relax. I know you won’t kill me, because if you do, no one else in the world will know where the person you’re looking for is except for Ryker and Edgar.”

With that, Godrick headed straight for the backyard.

Jared followed him. When they reached an ordinary-looking room, Godrick pressed a button and a stone gate appeared in front of them.

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