The Legendary Man Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Rage

In the middle of a windy valley, three huge campfires were crackling and burning. The fires, reaching higher than a meter tall, swayed in the breeze. A few sparks rapidly dispersed in the sky.

Jonathan and Karl were sitting in the middle of those three fires on a tree stump, eating roasted bear meat. “Based on our speed, I’d say we’ll reach Redlington in half a day at the earliest,” Karl informed as he studied the digital map in his hand.

Jonathan was holding a roasted bear leg with a stick as he took a big bite of the crispy golden meat.

“No wonder Remdikians’ bodies are so strong.” As he chewed, he said, “It would be weirder for them not to be as strong as they are since they eat bear meat every day and live in a climate that’s thirty to forty-degree Celsius below freezing point.”

“Mr. Goldstein, Remdikians don’t eat bear meat daily.” Karl turned to him with a somewhat resigned look. Jonathan was famous for being a glutton during previous campaigns. Whenever he arrived at a new location, he would eat plenty of local cuisines and anything he could hunt in the wild.

According to their estimations, their chances of ensuring Killian and Layla’s safety would be maximized if they could reach Redlington before any of the eight great families. However, that was a very unlikely possibility.

On top of everyone being at least a Divine Realm cultivator, Stellario and the others had an almost ten-hour head start. Hence, it wouldn’t be easy for Karl and Jonathan to catch up to them.

When Karl looked at his tracker, he saw Stellario’s group had captured Killian and Layla. While it would be more difficult for him to demand his loved ones back later on, he felt much relieved at the same time.

After all, he wouldn’t need to worry about his wife’s and son’s safety when they were protected by three God Realm experts. “Where do you plan to settle Killian and Layla after you rescue them?” Jonathan asked.

Karl was slightly stunned. I get what he’s saying. He’s asking me to prepare for my death. While he’s usually pretty carefree, he always keeps his word. Since he said he’d kill me, that’s what he’ll do. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’ll lop my head off the moment I settle Killian and Layla down at a safe place. “Mr. Goldstein, I know I caused the death of more than fifty thousand comrades—”

“It’s more than that,” Jonathan said blandly. “Your decisions set off a series of problems, starting from the fall of Northern Crimson Prison to the Mysonna Army losing its supplies and retreating. Fifty thousand people died, and that’s not even including the deaths of twenty thousand prisoners.

“When Zaidham Army and Northern Army went to Mysonna to help, nearly thirty thousand of our allies died, even though more than a hundred thousand of our enemies were slain.

“Then, when you betrayed Asura’s Office, you allowed Remdik and Jetroina to rampage in Doveston. As a result, many intelligence officers and spies, who had spent years in Remdik, were dead, maybe around four to five thousand in total. I didn’t count in detail.

“Because of your actions, the respectable families were untouched, Yaleview’s army didn’t lose even a single soldier, and nearly a hundred thousand members in Asura’s Office were dead. That is why you must die no matter what.”

In response, Karl lowered his head in shame. “I know ten thousand deaths won’t even be enough to atone for my sins, but I have a request, Mr. Golding. Can you let me die in the battle against respectable families instead of your hands? I won’t be able to pass at peace otherwise.”

Smiling at Karl, Jonathan questioned, “What do you think our relationship with Asura’s Office is, Karl?”

“Relationship?” Slightly stunned, Karl answered, “We created Asura’s Office together, so I’d say we’re its founder and foundation.”

He wasn’t exaggerating. While Jonathan was the one who suggested the formation of Asura’s Office, it didn’t come into being until after Hades pulled the seven other Kings of War to join the organization.

It could be said that, without any one of their presence, Asura’s Office might not be in operation until the present.

However, when Jonathan heard Karl’s answer, he shook his head. “You’re right, but that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about. Our greatest relationship with Asura’s Office is that we don’t have any.”

Looking at the puzzled expression on Karl’s countenance, Jonathan removed a long sword. “Take this sword, for example. A blacksmith crafted this and sharpened it to perfection. However, does it cease to be a sword once it leaves the blacksmith’s hand? No, it doesn’t.”

By the time Karl turned his line of sight back to Jonathan from the sword, there was already a bitter smile on his face. “I understand what you’re saying, Mr. Goldstein. The battle against respectable families is inevitable, so it doesn’t matter if I’m there or not.”

“That’s exactly what I mean.” Jonathan returned the weapon to its sheath. “Asura’s Office is a machine of war. It’ll keep operating regardless of who leaves. Do you think it’ll stop battling against respectable families just because you left? Relax, I’ll still do these things even after killing you. No one can escape their punishment just because they’re still useful.”

Still wearing a bitter smile, Karl nodded. “Seems like we’ll have to duke it out when the time comes.”

“You can’t defeat me.” Chuckling, Jonathan grabbed a bottle of wine. Before the bottle could even reach his lips, he halted his movements and lowered his head to look at the GPS tracker sitting on the tree stump.

Then, he put the bottle down and picked up the device, staring at it with confusion. “Karl, the symbol over here on Lerner River is a bridge, right?”

“Yes, it’s Meteyev Bridge,” Karl replied.

“Did you change the scale of the map? Why do I feel like the distance between those four signals and the bridge hadn’t changed at all?”

In response, Karl put the bear meat in his hand down and grabbed his tracking device.

As he stared at it, his expression turned grim.

Nine signal terminals were connected to his device, which tracked the location of Sabino from Blood Squad and members of six respectable families. The remaining two were left idling in the camp.

When he observed the relative position of all the signals earlier, he deliberately adjusted the scale so it would be one to fifty kilometers.

However, at that moment, the remaining three signals were moving toward Redlington.

Meanwhile, the signals tracking the location of Stellario and the other three, which were previously moving at the fastest speed as they were supposed to be on a boat, hadn’t budged even a millimeter.

Something’s wrong! Karl promptly stood and rushed ahead.

Behind him, Jonathan slammed his palm on the mountain wall with a ball of spiritual energy.

Large chunks of snow rolled down the mountain due to the movement and buried the blazing campfires.

Jonathan understood Karl’s feelings because Josephine was once kidnapped by the Osborne family. No matter how I deal with Karl later on, I must rescue Killian and Layla. After all, I’m already in Remdik. If our enemies still manage to secure victory, then I will become a joke as Asura.

Both he and Karl traveled through the wind and snow as fast as they possibly could.

Those who dared to hurt Killian, whether they were members of respectable families or cultivators from Remdik, would suffer the wrath of two fathers.

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